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30-05-06, 09:35
Hello, I am looking for information on my great-grandfathe, Alfred Hjort. He was born in 1891 or 1892 in Finland. He emigrated from Kvevlaks in 1909. As the story goes, his mother wanted him to join his brother(s) who went by the name Abrahamson in America to avoid the Russian army. I would love to know more info about Alfred's mother, father, siblings, grandparents, etc. I do have a picture of a Walde Hjort, and I think he may be a cousin or nephew of Alfred. I think it is the same Walde Hjort that is related to Dale Hjort. I would like to know more about that, too. This is my first message, so I hope I did this correctly! Thank you to anyone who can help me!!

Dorine Wagner

Hasse Andtbacka
30-05-06, 11:20
In Talko database is an Alfred Hjort, b. 5 Oct 1891 in Kvevlax. He died in Pennsylvania, had children Arnold and Arlene. His father is Abraham Abrahamsson Hurr, his mother Johanna Jakobsdr Hjort.

This information is provided by Sylvia Jorgensen.

30-05-06, 13:59
Here is an other Alfred Hjort from Kvevlax.
It is fröm Göran Berglund's database on Talko.

June Pelo
30-05-06, 17:55
Walde Hjort was Otto Waldemar, b. 1908, Mullan, Idaho and he was Dale Hjort's father. Dale is co-editor of the Leading Star newspaper. If you would like to contact Dale, I can send you his e-mail address.


31-05-06, 06:33
Thank you all so very much!!!!!! I'm ecstatic!!!!! It's so nice to know there are still kind, helpful people in the world who really care! First I have a question for Hasse: Who is Sylvia Jorgensen? You said that the info you have for Alfred Hjort is from her. How do I get more information from her? I also have more info for her: Alfred had two more children, girls, Elna and Doris. Second I have a question for Henrik: what is Talko? I'm certain that is not the same Alfred I'm looking for, but maybe he is related. What's interesting is that my great-grandfather Alfred named one of his daughters Elna! Coincidence? I think not! Can you tell me how to look for more info? Lastly for June, I would love to contact Dale Hjort! My grandmother Arlene (Alfred's daughter) was also born in Mullan, Idaho! We must be related(especially since I have a picture of Walde, which I'm going to try to attach)! Again, I can't thank you all enough for your time and help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm overjoyed to discover information that was thought to be lost forever! :D

Hasse Andtbacka
31-05-06, 07:01
Sylvia is a first class accordionist with her own band, see:
There you will find her email address.
Her roots are in the Kvevlax area, you are probably related.

31-05-06, 07:56
Here is the site.

June Pelo
31-05-06, 19:27

I just had an e-mail from Dale Hjort asking me for an article to publish in the next edition of Leading Star. So I'll tell him about you. I'll send you a private message with his address.

The late Vera Olsen of SFHS was also linked to the Hjort family. Dale may know more about her line.

I know Sylvia Jorgensen very well - we are related through her father. I recently talked to her on the phone - she travels around most of the time with her accordion band playing at various places. I'll also send her e-mail address in the private message.

As for Talko, if you send a GedCom to Hasse Nygård, you'll get a password so you can access the data on Talko. If you need any information, perhaps Sylvia or I could help you out.