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30-05-06, 20:15

Har någon uppgifter (efterkommande), anor, på Olof Olofsson Räbb, f.omkr.1681 i Korplax, Karleby, gift med Brita Andersdr. Vitick ? Jag har följande möjliga anor (från TALKO) Olof Thomasson > Thomas Thomasson, båda bönder på Räbb (Thomas 1647-79 Olof 1679-92) ?


June Pelo
30-05-06, 22:15

I have these notes for Olof's farfarfar Jacob Thomasson Räbb:
Farmer at Räbb 1647-1654. First farmer was Olof Persson 1547-1576; then Simon Olofsson 1577-1598; Jöns Persson 1599-1605; Olof Jönsson 1606-1645.

Thomas Thomasson Räbb: Farmer at Räbb 1647-1674.

Olof Thomasson Räbb: Farmer at Räbb in Karleby 1679-1692.

In my database on Talko, Thomas Olofsson Räbb-Bastubacka, 1710-1785, had 8 children in his first marriage and 16 in his second marriage. Thomas' family is in the Caino-Torp book.


31-05-06, 19:44
Hello June,

Thanks for your reply. I've noticed the TALKO info and thank you for that.
I hope there might be some more data on my 6 th gggf (male line).