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01-06-06, 06:10
Hi Everyone!
I have a book called "A History of Amasa, Michigan 1891-1966", and in it are many Finnish names. As I browse through it, I'll add interesting stories, etc. that I find, and who knows, some of you may find a missing relative. This book was written by Doris Peryam. In it I have found my gg-grandfather, Victor Kallio, (aka Palmgren), and my great-grandfather, Matt Rambacka (aka Granbacka), as well as a relative of Karen Norwillo's, Fred Stevenson, listed as early farmers in Crystal Falls Township. Other Finnish names of farmers in Crystal Falls Township were Tom Kuusisto, Gust Wicklund, John Rantala, Everett Salo, John Hautamaki, Isaac Saari, John Mattson and a Mr. Multimaki.
The book makes mention that the "vast majority of the farmers were the rugged, hard-working Finns, whose industriousness and determination are evident in the huge rock piles in their fields and the rock fences which border their property lines. No doubt the land was reminiscent of their native Finland."
It makes me very proud to see my ancestors names in print!


01-06-06, 06:40
Here is a 1919 list of farmers in Hematite Township, Michigan from the book written by Doris Peryam.

John Alatalo 80 20
Tom Ketola 60 20
John Latva 40 20
Thomas Saarinen 40 20
Thomas Saarinen 40 15
Sam Rentola 80 25
Herman Laukkonen 40 4
Sam Kahma 80 20
Henry Kiiskinen 40 20
Herman Syrjala 60 5
Erick Maki 40 15
John Lampi 80 25
Gust Jacobson 40 30
George Ekola 40 10
Alfred Sarkkila 40 3
John Silvola 40 2
Erick Kilkanen 50 15
Matt Peltonen 40 15
Gust Hanttula 60 25
John Ketola 60 15
Nestor Sturvist 40 5
Axel Peltonen 40 10
John Ketola, Jr. 40 2
Isaac Simola 40 20
Oscar Niemi 40 10
Gust Maki 40 4
John Johnson 40 10
Isaac Alongo 40 10
Alex Manila 40 35
Andrew Blomquist 40 30
Abraham Gill 40 15
John Dallaflor 80 35
John Isaacson 40 20
John Finstrom 40 10
Gust West 40 5

Sorry the numbers are so crooked!
:o Denise

01-06-06, 06:52
Found this interesting-

"Mr. Puotinen was a prominent Finnish gentleman who was at one time manager of the Hematite Mercantile Store and, together with Matt Hurja of Crystal Falls, helped arrange for the immigration of his countrymen to work in the local mines. It is said that Mr. Hurja had agreements with the steamship lines in New York and was so well known that when men from Finland disembarked at New York, they were pinned with a tag which read "Matt Hurja", and sent to Crystal Falls."

Mr. Puotinen's first name was Eli.


Karen Norwillo
01-06-06, 20:35
Where can I obtain a copy of this book? Fred Stevenson, Johan Fredrik Stefansson, was my maternal grandfather. I also have ties to the Rantala, Palmgren, Isaacson and Granbacka names.

01-06-06, 23:22
Hi Karen,
My mother was able to borrow a copy of the book from someone in Crystal Falls, and had a copy made of it. It isn't available to buy that I know of. I've looked online for it but I think only so many copies were published, and I haven't been able to find the hardcover to buy anywhere. If and when I get time, I'll try to either make you a copy, or email it page by page to you. It's about 200 pages long or so.


01-06-06, 23:26
An index to the Amasa book can be found here (http://ftp.rootsweb.com/pub/usgenweb/mi/iron/amasa/index/history/hstamasa.txt)

02-06-06, 06:32
Hi Hasse,
Thank-you for finding the index to the book, A History of Amasa. I'm finding as I browse the book, it makes mention of names as farmers, etc. but doesn't go into anything more about them in most cases. Some were names of graduates from the high school, or being on the school board, or church. Some were business owners, or worked in a mine. I was thinking about taking on the task of indexing it, but so many names, and not much about them. Anyway, thank-you for the index, and if anyone has a request, I'd be more than happy to do lookups.

Denise :)

02-06-06, 06:38
The book, A History of Amasa, Michigan 1891-1966, was written for the Diamond Jubilee July 2,3,4- 1966.


Karen Norwillo
02-06-06, 20:55
I put myself on a wait list on Amazon for a used copy, if one becomes available. I also have cousins in Amasa. Maybe they can keep an eye-out for a copy at a yard sale. Karen

03-06-06, 04:14
Hi Cousin Karen!
I'm e-mailing you the book tonight. Get your printer ready! It's 136 pages altogether.

Denise :D

30-06-07, 23:48
Hi! Could you tell me where I could get a copy of this book? My family is also from the Amasa area. My grandpa was a Hanttula and my grandma was a Johnson. Their parents each had farms near Amasa and my dad was raised for a short time on one of them. Any information you could provide would be much appreciated.


01-07-07, 06:48
Hi Paula,
If you send me your email address, I will scan and send you the book, page by page, 136 in all. I may not get to it immediately as it is 4th of July week and I've been busy at work trying to prepare to go to the U.P. for a few days for some much needed time off. I at first thought I could just send you the pages that applied to your names, Hanttula and Johnson, but if you look at the index on the above post by Hasse, there are numerous pages on both names, so I think it's better to send the full book to you. Just be patient with me if I don't get it to you immediately. :D

Best Regards,

02-07-07, 03:42
private message sent

24-12-07, 18:12
Denise -

Could you send me a copy as well? My name is Jennifer Wilcoxson and my ggggrandfather and other kin are listed in the index for this book. His name was D.C. Van Ostrand. I am particularly interested in all references to this surname.

Thank you!

25-12-07, 06:00
Hi Jennifer,
No problem...I luckily saved the whole book the last time I scanned and sent it out before. Please private message me with you email address. It's 5 pages at a time, about 20 separate emails altogether! :D

Merrry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Best Regards,

24-05-10, 21:41
Elias (Eli) Puotinen was my paternal grandfather, born in Evijärvi, Finland in 1969, died on the Puotinen farm in 1950. He was married to Johanna Bjorkbacka; they had 15 children, 12 of whom lived to adulthood--2 are still living. My aunts Eva Parsons and Ellen Bartolomei. My father was Heino Armas "Hap" Puotinen, married to Lillian (Lillia) Sylvia Kirkkomäki (Macki) Puotinen of Crystal Falls.