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01-06-06, 14:42
This was from the book written by Doris Peryam.

"George Saarinen Invents New Battery.
In 1922 George Saarinen, one of the progressive farmers near Amasa, found a new use for his Ford car. Through his ingenuity, Mr. Saarinen made his "Lizzie" do the work of a blasting battery.
The cost of a blasting battery was about $18.00 and, because he thought the price prohibitive, Mr. Saarinen sought a way to make his Ford do the work. When clearing land on his farm, he put two charges of powder into several stumps to be uprooted and ran two battery wires from the last charge to his car. One wire was attached to the frame of his car as a ground. Then he disconnected the wire from one of the headlights and attached the other lead wire to it. Next he started the motor, and when he had the engine running at a good rate, he turned on the light switch. Several charges were thus ignited and the stumps hurtled into the air."


01-06-06, 14:49
This was written by Doris Peryam.

"Everett Salo, who owned a farm in the Balsam area, was a long distance runner. In 1912 he covered the distance between the Boyington House in Iron River and the Diamond Drill building in Crystal Falls in 2 hours and 1 minute.
Salo was paced by Gust Miller on a bicycle and Miller was more exhausted than the runner upon their arrival in Crystal Falls.
Salo had a sore leg, otherwise he would have made better time."