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01-06-06, 18:48
I am looking for ancestors and descendants of Inh. Mårten Mattsson Seppä & mh:u Maria Michelsdotter (born approx. 1853). According to Hiski, they had nine children: Erik, Anton, Anna, Helena, Simon, Ivar, Matts, Mårten (my great grandfather- born 1886), and Emilia, all born in village of Suurpäälä.

Marriage record is:
21.12.1873 (Kyrkobyn) - Inhysingesonen Mårten Mattsson Seppä to Bondedottern Maria Michelsdotter Päräkylä (Timperilä).

I think I found Maria's parents: Michel Johansson &
Eva St: Wilh:d:r, but cannot trace Mårten Mattsson Seppä. I understand that Seppä would mean the same at Smith in the United States. Does anyone have a suggestion where to look next?

Mårten & Maria Seppä's two sons, Mårten and Matts, both came to the United States, changed their last name to Martinson and eventually settled in Mt. Iron, MN. Mårten married Maria Katri Lusti, and had eight children: Sylvia, Eino, Ailie, Helen, Lynda, Signe, Dorothy, and Bernice. Matt married Helmi Elizabeth Plii. They had several children, including: Lyla, Delores, Helmi, Vernon, Arthur, Waino, Wilho, and Ernest

Does anyone have this family in their files? If any names sound familiar, let me know and I can share what I have.

12-01-08, 21:20

I found in my files this info:

I Matts Thomasson Seppä, b. 1.10. 1803 Säkkijärvi, d. 2.10. 1873 Säkkijärvi kk.
Spouse: Anna Eriksdotter Seppä neé NN, b. 20.12. 1812.
1. Erik Mattsson Seppä, b. 30.11. 1842 Säkkijärvi Salajärvi. Spouse: Married 27.7. 1879 Säkkijärvi Vilhelmiina Eliasdotter Seppä neé Puustelli
2. Matts Mattsson Seppä, b. 2.8. 1845 Säkkijärvi kk, d. 19.8. 1878 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
3. Mårten Mattsson Seppä, b. 24.1. 1847 Säkkijärvi. Family 2.

II Mårten Mattsson Seppä, b. 24.1. 1847 Säkkijärvi.
Spouse: Married 1873 Säkkijärvi Maria Mickelsdotter Seppä neé Peräkylä, b. 16.4. 1847 Säkkijärvi. Parents: Michel Johansson Peräkylä, b. 1.11. 1822 Säkkijärvi, d. 11.2. 1890 Säkkijärvi and Eeva Stiina Wilhelmsdotter Peräkylä neé Peräkylä, b. 19.1. 1822 Säkkijärvi.
1. Erik Mårtensson Seppä, b. 8.1. 1876 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
2. Anton Mårtensson Seppä, b. 11.12. 1876 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
3. Anna Katriina Mårtensdotter Seppä, b. 12.1. 1878 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
4. Helena Mårtensdotter Ala-Outinen neé Seppä, b. 1.8. 1879 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä. Family 3.
5. Simon Mårtensson Seppä, b. 18.1. 1881 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
6. Ivar Mårtensson Seppä, b. 21.10. 1882 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
7. Matts Mårtensson Seppä, b. 10.9. 1884 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
8. Martti Mårtensson Seppä, b. 7.2. 1886 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.

Family 3 (from family 2)
III Helena Mårtensdotter Ala-Outinen neé Seppä, b. 1.8. 1879 Säkkijärvi Suurpäälä.
Spouse: Married 15.12. 1898 Säkkijärvi Matts Simonsson Ala-Outinen, b. 1.10. 1870 Säkkijärvi Siissala. Parents: Simon Mattsson Ala-Outinen, b. 29.11. 1830 Säkkijärvi, d. 22.2. 1892 Säkkijärvi Siissala and Eeva Kristiansdotter Ala-Outinen neé Kautto, b. 9.1. 1837 Säkkijärvi Siissala, d. 21.7. 1891 Säkkijärvi Siissala.
1. Hilma Maria Mattsdotter Ala-Outinen, b. 18.11. 1899 Säkkijärvi Siissala.
2. Anna Mattsdotter Ala-Outinen, b. 4.1. 1901 Säkkijärvi Siissala.

I hope these help you a little. Please ask if you need more information, I can try to find!

roots in Säkkijärvi

29-02-08, 17:37
Thank you so much for the info. It looks like this is the right family. My great grandfather is Martti b. 7.2.1886. I assume that you are part of Helena's family line? Is there any info I can give to you? Martti and brother Matts came to the United States and raised large families in northern Minnesota. I will contact you if there is anything further I'm looking for.
Thanks again. Jodie