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June Pelo
02-06-06, 02:56
I just heard from new member Jan Molander who found my name when she searched Finlander for her grandfather's name Sanfrid Molander. I heard about Sanfrid Molander for most of my young life when I was growing up. When my father, his mother and his sister were getting ready to leave Finland in 1909, Sanfrid visited them and said he was also traveling to the US, so my family traveled with him. I think he could speak some English and my family spoke only Swedish, so it was very convenient to be able to travel with someone who could help with the language problem. We have pictures taken of Sanfrid when he visited our family ca 1919 and I told Jan I would dig them out. She lives in Karleby and now I am giving her names of all our relatives and friends who live there - possibly she knows some of them. I only wish my father was still alive so he could know that I've met one of Sanfrid's family.