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02-06-06, 12:35
I'm looking for my grandfather's brother Johan Edvard Jakobsson b. 26.2.1882 in Sund, Aland, Finland, emigrated to USA in 1903 or 1904. Rumor has it that he had a wife Vendla. We haven't heard from him since, it would be interesting to now if he had family in the US.

June Pelo
02-06-06, 17:24
Ingemar Ekman is our expert on Åland data. You'll probably hear from him when he gets online.


Karen Norwillo
02-06-06, 22:00
There is a Jacob John Edward Jacobson in the WWI Draft List for Cheboygan, MI. Says born 20 Feb 1882, but the image is very light over the day, so it could possibly be 26th. Wife Vendla Jacobson 222 Ball St Cheboygan. Works for Union Bay or Bag Paper Co.

1920 census Cheboygan, MI

Jacobson, Jacob, 39, nat. 1910, says Sweden, laborer paper mill
Vendla, 48, also says Sweden
Paul E,6, MI

1930 Ceboygan, MI

Jacobson, John E, 48, married at 28, Finland,speaks Swedish, emigrated 1903, carpenter, cabinet worker
Vendla, 58, married at 39, Finland, Swedish
Carl Ed., son, 17, born MI. Ancestry has Carl but it could very well be Paul. On magnification it looks like a P.

Migration Institute shows a Jakob Edvard Jakobsson from Sund issued passport 10 Nov 1902. Did not find on passenger list.

Ingemar Ekman
03-06-06, 10:38
I found the family in Håkan Skogsjös book ”Families and Farms in Sund and Kumlinge”. The whole family moved 1888 to Lappfjärd, Österbotten. Jacob Johan Edvard born 26 Feb 1882 may have returned to Åland prior his emigration to USA. You can follow his mother’s ancestors to Alexander Rank b 1715 in Stockholm, died 1792 in Kumlinge.

03-06-06, 10:42
Thank you Karen for the information, I'm quite sure that is the right person, if you or somebody else knows more about the family I'd be so grateful.;)