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04-06-06, 08:24
Hi, my name is Jason Kujanen and I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We are the only Kujanen's left in the United States. There are 3 families in Canada, but no other Kujanen's in the states. I will be traveling to Helsinki, Finland for the first time this September. I am looking for my family history (roots). Jussi "John" Kujanen came to the United States around 1916 from Alaharma, Finland. He moved to Ishpeming, Michigan. He was born on 1895 and died around 1968. He married Hilda Louissa Ontto from Kurikka, Finland or from Vahakyro. Both are my great grandparents. We have no other contacts in Finland, due to not knowing who to contact. Basically, looking for other long lost relatives and for a family tree and history. Jussi had a son and daughter, Donald Kujanen and Rauha Kujanen. Donald Kujanen, Sr. is my grandfather. He passed away in 2000 in Republic, Michigan. My grandmother is still living in Republic, Michigan. Rauha, his sister, is living in lower Michigan.

Looking for any long lost relatives that I am related to in Finland.

Jason Kujanen

05-06-06, 15:44
A search from Eniro (http://henkilot.eniro.fi/) gives 35 matches with "Kujanen" and "Alahärmä".
Some of them concern same person.
This service is available only for persons having Finnish mobile phone number.

See for example Kujanen Riding farm in Alahärmä, Voltti:


(pity only in Finnish)

Kujasen Ratsutila
Köykkärintie 316
62310 VOLTTI




June Pelo
05-06-06, 18:01
This person has Kujanen family data in Alahärmä. Send an e-mail and see what she has.

Tiina Manninen

HisKi has 33 Kujanen names for Alahärmä:
http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/-3syaww?en+0004+kastetut type Kujanen as a last name.


07-06-06, 09:03
Thank you for the information. I may write to the Kujanen Farm in Alaharma. Is the last name a common name in Finland, or is there a good chance we are related somehow?

My great grandmother was Hilda Ontto from Kurikka who married Jussi Kujanen in the United States. Hilda went back to Finland in 1952 to visit relatives and she died in 1968. Hilda and John "Jussi" were my grandfather's parents who moved to Ishpeming, Michigan.

My grandmother's side are the Arola's and Alatalo's. Arola's came from Helsinki and Alatalo's came from Tornio, Finland.

Here is the family tree for my grandmother's side:

Henry Arola - Helsinki married > Maria Louisa Engelbreck (Helsinki)
Had a Son - Earl "Urha' John Arola

Earl married Imbie Alatalo who was the daugter of Isaac and Karolina Alatalo from Tornio, Finland. Imbie had three siblings Ina, Ida, and George. Karolina's maiden name was Kaunisvara. Earl and Imbie are my great grandparents from my grandmother's side. I knew Imbie well when I was a child. She passed away in 1989.

Thanks again,
Jason Kujanen

07-06-06, 09:08
Hi June,

Do you happen to have Tiina's direct email address? When I click on the URL it does not bring me to her email address. I would like to get the birth records for 1895, which is when Jussi Kujanen was born. His middle name may be Eemeli. Unfortunately, my grandfather passed away in 2000, so we are unable to find out who Jussi's father was, but I am sure he was one of the men listed in the birth records you had given me. Meaning he would be my great, great grandfather born around 1870-1875. Great information. Thank you very much.


07-06-06, 13:59

You have some bad luck because last records in Hiski about born children in Alahärmä are from year 1894 and Jussi is born in 1895. Anyhow if he is born in Alahärma the only Kujala family who had children around that time are Jaakko (son of Juha) Kujala and Liisa (daugter of Kaarle). The last record is a son of an unmarried Liisa.


6.8.1888 12.8.1888 Heikkilä Itt. Jaako Juhanp Kujanen V:o Anna Kajsa 20 Ida Sofia

original - ALKUPKOMM: _f.663
19.2.1889 24.2.1889 Heikkilä Tyni Itt. Jaakko Juhanp Kujanen V:o Liisa Kaarlent. 35 Amalia

original - ALKUPKOMM: _f.752
24.6.1892 3.7.1892 Heikkilä Its. Jaakko Juhanp. Kujanen V:o Liisa Kaarlent. 38 Anna Kaisa

original - ALKUPKOMM: _f.752
21.9.1892 25.9.1892 Heikkilä Piika Liisa Wilh:na Juhant. Kujanen 18 Juha Teodor

original - ALKUPKOMM: _f.763
original - ALKUPKOMM: _äpärä

07-06-06, 14:01
Kujanen, I mean.

June Pelo
07-06-06, 17:19

Tiina's e-mail is: tiinamaria.manninen*luukku.com You need to put an * in the place of *


June Pelo
07-06-06, 17:23

Evidently Finlander doesn't allow the use of the symbol meaning "at" even when it's used in a sentence. They put a * instead. So just go ahead and use the well-known symbol of the a with a circle around it. I don't know how to describe it otherwise.


07-06-06, 18:59

I mailed your message in a Finnish board for Ostrobothnian genealogy. Hope someone will recognize your great-grandparents.
Kujanen is not an uncommon name in Finland. In Alahärmä the name Kujala is more common but Kujanen does appear as well. In Ostrobothnia it often happens that people with the same name, even in the same community, are not related to each other but let´s hope for the best.


Margareta L
07-06-06, 19:23
Hello Jason!

Here I found one Johan (Juha or Jussi in finnish) Kujanen in Alahärmä communionbook 1887-96:

Juha Enok born 7 Aug. 1895
Father: Matts Johansson Kujanen former Kujamäki b. 2 Nov. 1871 Alahärmä
Mother: Sanna Andersdaughter Isotalo b. 19 Sept. 1873 Alahärmä

I have more information if you think he is the right one.

Margareta Leppinen

Margareta L
07-06-06, 19:24
Originally posted by Margareta L
Hello Jason!

Here I found one Johan (Juha or Jussi in finnish) Kujanen in Alahärmä communionbook 1887-96:

Juha Enok born 7 Aug. 1895
Father: Matts Johansson Kujanen former Kujamäki b. 2 Nov. 1871 Alahärmä
Mother: Sanna Andersdaughter Isotalo b. 19 Sept. 1873 Alahärmä

I have more information if you think he is the right one.


Margareta L
07-06-06, 19:44
In Family Search was:

John Kujanen, Birth: 7 Aug. 1895
Death: Dec 1970


08-06-06, 05:53

Great news! This is him. I checked with my father and he died around Christmas time 1969. For some reason the records say December 1970, but actually it was 1969. This is him though. Thank you very much. Can you send me the additional information, so I can share with my father too. Did Juha "Jussi" John have any brothers or sisters? Please send me additional information if you have any at jkujanen*comcast.net. I really appreciate your assistance on this, and I know my father does too.

PS- I just checked Marquette County, Michigan's records and it shows John's middle name as Enok. This is him.... :)

You can also post the information on the forum too. This is great news. Thank you very much.

Juha Enok born 7 Aug. 1895
Father: Matts Johansson Kujanen former Kujamäki b. 2 Nov. 1871 Alahärmä
Mother: Sanna Andersdaughter Isotalo b. 19 Sept. 1873 Alahärmä

Alf Blomqvist
08-06-06, 12:21

I'm glad to inform you that Reetta-Maija born Kujanen and her siblings are triying to figur out if they are related to you (and Jussi Kujanen).

So far I have nothing to tell, but their father was from Alahärmä...

Margareta L
08-06-06, 17:05
Hello Jason

Nice to see we happen to find him. I put together a familytree and send to you privately. I suppose we also can find relatives of today. Alf seems already to have a good start.


08-06-06, 18:50
Thank you Margareta for your help. Greatly appreciated.


Alf Blomqvist
08-06-06, 20:29

I'm trying to get information from Tiina Manninen in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari). According to information on The Genealogical Society of Finland she has Kujanen info from 1787!


09-06-06, 01:44
Thank you Alf. I also found my great great grandmother Sanna's parents who were the Isotalo's. Antti Isotalo (born 1831) is my great, great, great grandfather who was the famous Harman Ruffian in Alaharma, and Lisa Vilhelmina Jakobsdotter, Isotalo was my great, great, great grandmother.

Matts and Sanna are Janu's parents, which are my great great grandparents from Alahärmä.

Matts Johansson Kujanen
Sanna Andersdaughter Isotalo,

Here is the tree, and I received more information from Margareta all the way back to the 1700's.

Great Grandfather
Juha Enok (John) Kujanen
7.8.1885 - Alaharma

His father: Matts Johannson Kujanen
(Date of birth) 2.11.1871

His Mother: Sanna Andersdotter Isotalo, Kujanen (my great great grandmother)
(Date of birth) 19.9.1873

Matts Johannson Kujanen's father: (my great great grandfather)
Johan Johansson Kujanen, born November 18, 1840

Matts Johannson Kujanen's mother:
Sanna Sophia Jakobsdotter Kujanen, maiden name Kaitfors, born, July 9, 1843

Sanna Andersdotter Isotalo, Kujanen's Father:
Antti Isotalo - Harman Ruffian (born 24.8.1831) My great, great, great grandfather

Sanna Andersdotter Isotalo's mother:
Lisa Vilhelmina Jakobsdotter (born 27.12.1838) My great, great, great grandmother


09-06-06, 06:08
Below is my great great grandfather Matts Johansson Kujanen, b. 2 Nov 1871. He had many brothers and sisters, so maybe one of them are related to Reeta-Maija, which means she is related to me.

Margareta sent me the information back to the 1700's, which is good news.

Johan Johansson Kujanen e. Kujamäki, Statsdräng, b. 18 Nov 1840 Alahärmä Kojola, d. 15 Dec 1893 Alahärmä, Heikkilä by, Holma. Parents from table 4
Spouse: Sanna Sophia Jakobsdotter Kujanen e. Kaitfors, b. 9 Jul 1843 Alahärmä, Pesonen. Parents from table 11

Johan Johansson Kujanen, b. 30 Jan 1860 Alahärmä, Holma
Jakob Johansson Koukkuluoma e. Kujanen, b. 27 May 1862 Alahärmä, Pesonen, d. 6 Oct 1896 USA
Nikolai Alex Johansson Kujanen, b. 1 Aug 1867 Alahärmä, Pesonen, d. 20 Nov 1868 Alahärmä, Pesonen
Matts Johansson Kujanen, b. 2 Nov 1871. To table 2.
Lisa Wilhelmina Johansdotter Kujanen, b. 8 Apr 1874 Alahärmä, Heikkilä by, Kojonen
Oskar Johansson Kujanen, b. 30 Nov 1877 Alahärmä
Sanna Maria Johansdotter Kujanen, b. 28 Sep 1879 Alahärmä, Heikkilä by, Holma
Sofia Johansdotter Hautamäki e. Kujanen, b. 18 Aug 1882 Alahärmä Holma, d. 13 Aug 1966 Alahärmä Köykkäri

09-06-06, 07:50
Originally posted by June Pelo

Evidently Finlander doesn't allow the use of the symbol meaning "at" even when it's used in a sentence. They put a * instead. So just go ahead and use the well-known symbol of the a with a circle around it. I don't know how to describe it otherwise.


As described before I'm filtering out the commercial at -sign, ie. the "at" in the email addresses and replacing it with a star (Asterisk). This to prevent that email addresses otherwise could be harvested from the web pages of Finlander and lot of junk mail would be sent to the email address in question.
I know that some of you think this is unnecessary but I have chosen to prevent spamming.

Alf Blomqvist
09-06-06, 10:21
Some information:

Tiina Manninen's (born Kujanen) father is first cousin of Reetta-Maija Kero (born Kujanen). They are both living in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari).

Tiinas grandfather (Antti ? Kujanen) and Reetta-Maijas father were halfbrothers.

Reettas (= Reetta-Maija) grandfathers name was Matti Kujanen (Matts Kujanen ?).

I have asked Margareta L to also send me her info re. Kujanen.

09-06-06, 16:33

It sounds like we are related. Matts is my great great grandfather and Antti is my great great great grandfather.


Alf Blomqvist
09-06-06, 17:00
Great, if it's true!

If so I'll pass on Reettas email address to you.

09-06-06, 21:50

What is your email address? I will forward the information Margareta sent me to validate the information. She gave me the email contact of Antti and his wife (Isotala's fifth generation).

Sanna is my great grandfather's, Jussi, mother and she was Antti's daughter. :)

Sanna married Matts Johansson Kujanen.

More to add to the family tree from the United States:

Juha "Jussi"- Great Grandfather (Moved to Ishpeming, MI- 1916)
Hilda Ontto - Great Grandmother (She was from Kurikka, we believe) He met Hilda in Michigan and were married.

Donald Kujanen, Sr. (Juha's son) Born 1918 Died 2000
Rauha Kujanen (Juha's daughter) Living (Lower Michigan)

Donald Kujanen, Sr. (Married my grandmother Marian)
Marian Arola, Kujanen (Grandmother) Living, Republic, Michigan

Donald Kujanen, Jr. (my father) 1944 - Present (Minnepolis, MN)
Cheryl Nies, Kujanen (my aunt) Living in Ontonogan, Michigan
Sandy Doroni, Kujanen (my aunt) Living in Detroit, Mi

Donald Kujanen, Jr. (my father) married (Minneapolis, MN)
Janice Kujanen, Kastel (my mother) (Minneapolis, MN)

Jason Kujanen, son of Donald Kujanen, Jr. (1972 - Present)
Julie LaBonne, Kujanen daughter of Donald Kujanen, Jr. (My sister) (1968- Present) St. Paul, MN

Jason Kujanen, (33 yrs) Single

Julie LaBonne, Kujanen (37 yrs) married to Christoper LaBonne

Children of Julie LaBonne, Kujanen (my sister)

*Shelby Rae LaBonne - 11 years old
*Henry Albert LaBonne - 5 years old
*Charles Anthony Labonne - 3 years old (4 in July)
All living in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA


Alf Blomqvist
10-06-06, 22:01
Hi Jason!

I sent you my email address by private email.

Hope you got it...

11-06-06, 05:36

I am related to Reetta-Maija. Matts "Matti" is her grandfather and my great great grandfather. He remarried after Sanna Isotola, Kujanen died. Matti and Sanna "Minna" had 3 three son's:

*Juha "Jussi" Kujanen (my great grandfather) 1895 - 1970
*Nikolai Kujanen
*Antti Kujanen - I think is Tiina Manninen's grandfather who moved back to Finland after being in Canada. He is the half brother of Reetta-Maija's father.

Therefore, I think Tiina Manninen and I are related too if her grandfather is Antti Kujanen and is the brother of Juha "Jussi." That would make Antti the half brother of Reeta-Maija's father, since Matti had children with two different marriages. Find out from Tiina if her grandfather ever went to Canada with Nickolai, and then returned to Finland. I am 99.5% sure we found a direct match.

Sanna was also called "Minna." I just called by phone Juha's daughter Rauha Stafford, Kujanen. She is my grandfather's sister (April 20, 1920 - Present). Again my grandfather Donald "Tauno" Kujanen, Sr. died in June 2000 (1918 - June 2000). He is buried in Republic, Michigan. My grandmother Marian Arola, Kujanen is still alive and living in Republic, Michigan.

Matti had 4 additional children after he remarried Maria, who is Reeta-Maija's grandmother.


09-08-06, 02:16

Scroll down to see a pic of Antti and his buddy in chains. I am told that Antti is also an ancestor of mine. I guess that explains my skills with a butterknife.