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04-06-06, 16:25
I am looking for parent to Erich Simonsson Saukokoski b. 1728 d. 17.7.1777 Storå/Isojoki. Spouse: Maria Henricsdotter Näsi b. 26.12.1733 d. 3.9.1824 Storå/isojoki.
Liisa Simontytär Saukokoski b. 1709 Storå/Isojoki d. 1785 She have some connection to Erich Simonsson Saukokoski?

June Pelo
04-06-06, 22:46
The ancestry of both Erich Simonsson Saukkokoski and his wife Maria Henriksdotter Näsi are in the Talko database.

Erich's father was Simo Simonpoika Saukkokoski, b. 1697, d. 12 Nov 1779. Simo's father was Simo Arvidinpoika Tuomikoski, b. 1666 in Isojoki, married to Valpuri Pentintytär Penttilä, b. 1674. Lisa Simonsdotter Saukkokoski, b. 1709 was the daughter of Simo Arvidinpoika, and she was Simo Simonpoikas sister.

There's a lot of data in Talko and you should be able to trace these families.


05-06-06, 21:05
Thank you for you answer of my question
I like go to in Talko and I must have a password
you can help me?

from pirjo Ylinen

June Pelo
05-06-06, 22:10

To get into Talko, first you need to submit a GedCom to Hasse Nygård and he'll assign a password to you. Do you have a genealogy program with some of your data in it? Do you know how to create a GedCom? If not, perhaps Hasse can tell you how to do it.