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08-10-03, 21:41

Is there some way we could have a table for lookup volunteers who have sources for various areas and would be willing to do lookups? I need so much and if I knew someone had ready access in an area that I'm researching and that they would be happy to look something up, it would be a big help.

Some times I feel like I'm begging and I don't like that. Many people have already been just wonderful, but I don't want to take advantage. But I really, really want data and it's a struggle to act civilized sometimes.

For example, I would desperately like to know when my greatgrandmother died in Helsinki, but because she's not connected to any big family group, I doubt anyone will ever come across her. If someone in Helsinki volunteered to do a lookup for me in the course of other research, I would be just thrilled to bits.

That's kind of what I'm hoping for. Thanks.


Gita Wiklund
09-10-03, 22:51
I have thought about this to as I feel the same need . So I thought I´d take the opportunity to express it.

On my part I would be happy to help anyone that might have needs concerning lookups in Uddevalla, Sweden. I know not many on this list would be, but anyway. Now you know.

Personally I love helping out when I can, I think I was born to be an investigator, I love to search for information and solve problems ;-)


Tracy Boeldt
09-10-03, 23:04
I agree with the both of you and have felt the same way when it comes to finding info about my relatives. I too, feel that I'm born to investigate things--I love a good mystery! I don't know much about genealogy & have no programs or CD's to help people with, but I could always go to my library and look up phone numbers or addresses.

09-10-03, 23:15
And I would be happy to do lookups in Oregon, particularly Clatsop (where a lot of Swede Finns were), Multnomah, and Washington Counties. I can take photos too of cemeteries in those counties, though now I'll probably hold off til next summer when the weather is more conducive to outdoor photography.

Also, I have the census and US records subscriptions on Ancestry and would be happy to do look ups.

We could actually do it sort of like Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness or set ourselves up as a subset. I don't have an agenda.

And like you, I love the thrill of the hunt, the analysis of the puzzle, and the eureka! when it all comes together.


10-10-03, 01:10
I'm another one who finds a puzzle had to resist! Of course, we who are staffing SFHS are most interested in the destinies as well as origins of Swedish Finn emigrants all over the world.

Here in Seattle we have mostly motley records of Swedish Finns in early communities in the US, in the form of books. But Don Forsman, the "real' family genealogist has worked to get copied Order of Runeberg obituaries, Norden obituaries, and some church records, when we are allowed to xerox them. Some are now accessible on this website.

We are both glad to do lookups.


11-10-03, 21:08
Originally posted by Rikki
For example, I would desperately like to know when my greatgrandmother died in Helsinki, but because she's not connected to any big family group, I doubt anyone will ever come across her. If someone in Helsinki volunteered to do a lookup for me in the course of other research, I would be just thrilled to bits.


Today we've been joined by a gentleman who has contacts to Helsingfors släktforskare, ie. where one could think knowledge is about the parishes of Helsingfors ans surroundings.

Henry, any ideas that might help Rikki a bit on the road...?

02-11-03, 05:30
I am pleased to do lookups at Swenson Center because Swedish speaking Finns would have joined a church whose records are at Swenson here in Rock Island. For example, emigrants to Metropolitan or Felch in Upper Michigan may have joined Zion Lutheran. The microfilm of Zion's records are located at Swenson. Zion actually was a Swede-Finn church organized in 1895.
Chuck Maki

Gita Wiklund
02-11-03, 11:45
Hi Chuck!

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for offering your help, I´m sure it will be much appreciated!


Tracy Boeldt
02-11-03, 20:24
Welcome to the Forum! This is a nice surprise that you are from Rock Island--my grandmother's father & mother settle there and I also lived there for a short time myself. I was wondering if you could do a look up for me? Carl Oscar Ramberg (also went by Oscar--he is my ggandfather) born 15 Nov. 1890 (Hassle parish, Mariestads, Sweden) and died 5 Aug. 1958. His wife, Alexandra Wilhelmina "Minnie" Blomqvist Ramberg born 6 April 1891 (Pargas, Finalnd) & died 22 January 1971. If you need more information, such as address, date that they came to Moline, etc.--just ask. Also, I was wondering about two of Carl's uncles, Gustv & Jon Francen, I haven't been able to get a whole lot of information on these men.
Thanks for any help you can provide!

03-11-03, 04:08
The url above this line is that of swenson center at augustana.
The list of swedish churches can be found on the first page as well as other references they have available.
So send me a private message outlining the personal info of the ppl you want me to check out.

Karen Douglas
03-11-03, 20:07
Hello! I live just 10 minutes away from the State Library of Michigan and would be happy to do genealogical lookups for anyone. Karen Douglas

05-11-03, 22:41

Tracy: You can see a 130% sized fotocopy/scan of the microfilm page from 1st Lutheran in Moline, IL at the url above.
Oscar is shown as born in Hassle, Skaraborg.
Dau. Agnes Eleanor Wilhelmina Ramberg was born in Moline, IL on 19.2.1916, the family was dropped from membership on 31.1.1935.

I did not find Gustav or Jon Francen at lst Lutheran in Moline or at lst Lutheran in Rock Island. A cardfile exists for the Rock Island church so it was simple to check for Francen ppl there as well.

I can send you the original fotocopy.


Tracy Boeldt
06-11-03, 02:09
Hi Chuck!
Thanks for doing the look up for me--it would be great if you could send a copy, since the url was a little hard to see. I will send you a private email with my address. Is there a reason why the family was dropped? I was hoping to find some information on the Francen brothers since I have so little on them. Gustav and his wife, Hulda were listed on Agnes (Carl's daughter) bapitism paper from the church--I guess they weren't members.
Thanks again!

06-11-03, 04:03

Hi Tracy,
This is easier to read for sure:)but it's nice to know the page from which it was lifted.


Tracy Boeldt
06-11-03, 04:49
Thanks Chuck!
The bigger scan was a lot better! I just sent you an email before I posted this message. Thanks again!

19-11-03, 21:27
I found at Moline's 1st Covenant church this:
Gustaf Franzen, born Nov 6, 1873 in Westergotland Sweden. Confirmed 1899, received at Moline 5-8-1899. He came to Moline from Iowa in 1898 and emigrated from Sweden in 1897. He was dismissed in January 1905 with remarks: "utesluten för [obot?]fardigt lif"
Today, 11-19, I found on emigranten cd:
Anton H. Ramberg
Age 24 [your dob of Jan 5-1901]
Parish: Leksberg in Skaraborgs län
Notes: F Lyrestd
Port: Göteborg
Date: 1925-2-14
Dest: Moline
Nej [traveled alone]
I did not find Gustaf Franzen on the cd and the only Hulda was a girl age 15 who departed 7-8-1908 from Böckebo so likely not yours. No Jon but several similar spellings but without dob. I'd suggest going to anbytarforum with this and ask for cd lookup - likely an experienced Swede can finish the task for you.

Tracy Boeldt
19-11-03, 23:28
Once again many thanks Chuck for all your help and I will try the suggestion of posting on the arbytarforum!

21-11-03, 17:49
You have been discussing lookups. Somebody (Karen) has been helping me find people in Michigan. She has helped me a lot! Thank you Karen!

I want to mention this site, since I have been on it for many years. I have also had the pleasure of helping someone.
Menawhile, I have been allowed to purchase also Maxmo and Oravais microfiche.