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06-06-06, 19:48
Hello Hasse and all,
yesterday I had a chance to take a closer look at this clock. It has the text Lars Hansson Riska 1842. I looked in hiski and found out that Lars Hansson Riska was quite a popular name. Is he the same guy who married twice, in 1826 and 1851?
For what occasion might Lars have made the clock?

June Pelo
06-06-06, 21:13
That's a handsome clock. A couple of my relatives made similar clocks. Isn't this the same as the Swedish 18th century Mora clock?


06-06-06, 21:35
Yes, those clocks are called Moraklocka and are very popular in Ostrobotnia. They have been made for a long time and they tell about skillfull carpentry work.

I can't tell about the history of those Moraklocka, but you can find both old and new ones.

I was also looking at the walls of the house. It seems like a well renovated old loghouse. The nailmarks in the corner and on the wall show that it has been covered with wallpaper before. It was very common to do so.

My own freetime house at the Larsmosjön in Kronoby has the same kind of walls and I love the atmosphere in it. I have moved it from Vestersundsby in Jakobstad to Kronoby.

In the front of the picture you can also see a part of a "kökssoffa" (kitchen sofa). I suppose the house is some kind of museum?


Alf Blomqvist
07-06-06, 07:37

I suppose that Lars married so soon again because of many young children to take care of.

07-06-06, 12:56
Thanks for the chart, Alf,
althought it´s not my family.
I´m attaching a picture of the house where the clock is located, in case you happen to be driving through Kuru. Heikki BJörkbom has done an incredible work rebuiling this jugend house. It stood in Tammerfors 30 years ago in the way of a road to be built. It was designed by Lars Sonck for Oscar Rosenlew. H Björkbom guides visitors through his "pearl" in July.