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08-06-06, 14:44
Hi to all of you,

The Calamnius Family Association have started to collect every known decandant of Petrus Michaelis Arctophilacius. We are a few helping out here.

So if you know that you have Calamnius ancestors, we would be very thankful if you care to share the information you have with us.

If you do have information and decide to share it with us, please don't give anything that you wouldn't at some stage publish your self. We are not saying that we will publish anything yet, this is a project that will take years only to get the information organized.

We would love to get the information as GEDCOM files and hopefully containing sources also.

Any contributions can be sended to lasse * the-holms.org there is a Calamnius website coming at www.calamnius.fi later when we get everything up and running. At that point we might change the email address for those contributions.

We know that there is a lot of people with Calamnius ancestors in other countrys than Finland for example in the US, Germany, Sweden and so on. So this is a way of trying to also get in contac with those that are abroad.

Lasse Holm

June Pelo
08-06-06, 18:49
Petrus was Vicar in Kalajoki. Progenitor of Calamnius family. He married Magdalena Östensdotter Sursill and they had 4 children. From this marriage came the families Forsman, Mathesius, Wallenstjerna and Tigerstedt. I know of two members on Finlander Forum who are 11th great grandsons of Petrus: Vern Lindquist and Vincent Erickson. There may be others. I know there are members of Finngen who probably have links to Petrus - so this notice should also be posted on Finngen.


08-06-06, 19:52
Thanks June,

I just subscribed to to the Finngen list, and will post there also as soon as I get the confirmation.

Lasse Holm