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08-06-06, 17:24
Juho Myllymäki left from Kuortane to USA,
In Ellis Island records I can find
First Name: John
Last Name: Myllymaki
Ethnicity: Finn
Last Place of Residence: Finland
Date of Arrival: May 12, 1901
Age at Arrival: 29y Gender: M Marital Status: M
Ship of Travel: Saint Louis
Port of Departure: Southampton

I think he is the same man. But I cannot get open the original ship list to see , where he was on the way.
I found this:
Manifest Line Number: 0007
81 series T715 roll 194 volume 317 year 1901 May 11 frame 552 Saint Louis Southampton 1403944

But I did not understood how to go on.

Art Fors
28-08-06, 00:52

raijaliisa wrote: "I think he is the same man. But I cannot get open the original ship list to see , where he was on the way."

Regarding Juho Myllymäki, it appears his final destination to America was Ishpeming, Michigan. (see below)

Institute of Migration Passport Information

Last name: Myllymäki
First names: Juho
Other names: *
Date of birth: . .1873
Marital status: 2
Religion: Lut.
Occupation: Loinen
Home parish: Kuortane
Province: VAA
Passport date: 15.04.1901
Passport number: 965
Passport valid (year:month): 2:0
Destination: Amerikka
Passport issued by: VAA
Remarks: Sj vmo ja 2 lasta.

Institute of Migration Passenger Information

Last name: Myllymäki
First names: John
Age or age group: 29
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Ishpeming
State of destination: MI
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: USD 59
Ship from Finland: Astraea
Date of departure from Finland: 20.04.1901
Ship from England: *
Date of departure from England: . .9999
Ocean Line: American Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 13/50
Remarks: *


Karen Norwillo
28-08-06, 22:15
There is also another John Myllymäki arriving at Ellis Island on 3 Feb 1901 from Finland. I checked on Migration, but unfortunately my subscription ran out and I can't check the details. This one was 32, DOB would be abt 1869, and arrived from Liverpool on the Lucania. Left England 26 Jan 1901.
Ancestry has alot of Myllymaki entries. According to them, in 1920 the name was found in Ohio, 4-6 families, MI and MN, 2-3 families, and 1 family each in MT, PA, NH, RI and MA. The family I found in Ishpeming had been there as early as 1900. It would help alot if we had an accurate birth date and wife's name.

28-08-06, 22:44
Thank you reply.
"my Juho" was born 1873 in Kuortane and died 03.12.1918 in Amerikka, maybe reason was spanish flue.