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08-06-06, 17:29

This forum handles mainly the emigrants from Swedish speaking areas of Finland. That is OK :-)
Some of the Finnish origin ancestors seem to be also from other districts, too.

I have a list containing approx 90 persons that left Muhos, with passport dates. It includes also their parents, with birth dates, wedding dates, occupations, house names etc. That makes it possible to continue the research for example in Hiski database because the parents are usually "old enough" (born < 1860).

I would like to share the list with the members of this forum. Maybe it would help someone to find their lost ancestors. I know there is this Talko database, but my list includes only two (max three) generations, so it is obviously not the right place?

The question is - how to put the data here? It is now in an Excel sheet. Should I copy the text here so that the search option works also?

Please find enclosed a jpg format picture as an example (hopefully I'll manage to do it).



13-06-06, 08:04
Tervehdys Solja,

Regarding your material I imagine it would better fit in into the reference material collection, as Kevin already suggested. This way it will be "alive" for a longer time.

Please send me the excel material by email to my personal email hasse.nygard (at) e-brev.nu and I'll place it into the Delphi pages.