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11-06-06, 15:25

My G-grandmother Josefina Vilhelmina Jossfolk b. 27.10.1855 Nämpnäs/Närpiö. Shes Father: Hans Henrik Hansson Jossfolk b. 28.11.1825 Nämpnäs/Närpiö.
Possible Father and Grandfather to Hans: Hans Abrahamsson Jossfolk b.1799 Närpiö and Abraham Johansson Jossfolk b. about 1760-70 Närpiö. Information from Hiski.
I wonder that it was Jossfolk peoples in Sideby too.
I find some names from The old Sideby church and Bell Tower Eric Hansson Jossfolk b. 1747 and Mats Matsson Jossfolk b. 1761.
They have some connection to peoples in Närpiö.


Kaj Granlund
20-06-06, 00:38
Names with Joss- are rather common. They might come from the christianname Göran or Johan and folk - indicating the family of that person...