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11-06-06, 22:31
Carl August Stenlund (wrongly may be written as Stenlind), born about 1884 in Kaskö, lived in Kåtnäs, Närpes. Emigrated to America from Kristiania (Norway) , arrived in New York Dec 4, 1915 on the Christian IV.

Any informations you can give me on his life "over there", is of importance.

Thank you


William Dahlin
12-06-06, 18:05
Found the following on Census Records

1910 Census Beltrami, Minnesota

August Stenlund Age 23 born Sweden, F&M from Sweden
USA 1889, Engineer at Lumber Mill

Lydia J wife, age 27 born Sweden F&M from Sweden

Roy H son age 1 born Minn

Lottie dau age 6 months born Minn.

1920 Census Clearwater, Minn

August Stenlund age 32 USA 1889 born Sweden Blacksmith, City

Lydia wife age 36 USA 1903 born Sweden

Roy H son age 11 born Minn

Lottie J dau age 10 b. Minn

Evert S age 8 born Minn

Ester dau age 6 born Minn

1930 Census Clearwater, Minn

August Stenlund age 43 born Sweden USA 1889 Farmer

Lydia wife age 46 born Sweden

Evert son age 18 Single, born Minn Laborer odd jobs

Ester dau age 16 born Minn Servant Private Family

Minn Death Record

August Stenlund
b. 6 Feb 1887
D. 5 Apr 1957
Ramsey County
Mothers Maiden Name- Erickson

World War I Draft Registration 1917-1918

August Stenlund
b. 6 Feb 1887
b. Sweden Stinsla Hesterbotten
Wife and 4 children
Medium Height, stout, blue eyes, hair dark brown
First and second finger on right hand missing

This was the only Stenlund that I came up with. Hope you
may have a connection

Karen Norwillo
12-06-06, 22:31
I found one Carl Stenlund on the 1920 and 1930 Census in Bakersfield, CA, but date of birth is off. Says he was born abt 1895. He is from Finland, is single and a machinist in a railroad shop. In 1920, he lives in the home of John and Wendla Hoaglund. In 1930 he's in the home of Emil and Lena Carlson.

I did find your Karl Stenlind arriving 4 Dec 1915 on the Fredrik VIII from Christiania. It says he's 31, which would have your 1884 birth about right. He's married, wife Anna Stenlind in Narpes. He's going to friend Oskar Klockars in Worcester, MA. Says he's 5 ft 9, ruddy complexion, brown hair, blue eyes. I found Oskar Klockars in the census for Worcester, but not Stenlund or Stenlind.

William Dahlin
12-06-06, 22:56
Roy H. Stenlund
b. 24 May 1908
d. 14 Feb 1996
Saint Paul, Ramsey Co, Minnesota

13-06-06, 09:56
Karen, you have found the right Stenlund.

This is what I know now.

Karl August Stenlund born Aug 29, 1884 in Kaskö, moved abt 1893 to Närpes, Kåtnäs.
Married Anna Alina Klockars born Apr 29, 1884 died Sept 14, 1961 in Närpes.

About August says he was abroad in 1915, prob. lives in America, but has not written home since 1927.

Anyone who knows anything else about him ???



William Dahlin
13-06-06, 16:39
1920 Census Bakersfield, California

Carl Stenlund
age 25 born abt 1895
B. Finland
Machinist-Railroad Shop

1930 Census Bakersfield, California

Carl Stenlund
Age 35 born abt 1895
b. Finland USA 1916
Machinist Railroad Shop