View Full Version : Anybody knowing something about Sanfrid Molander and Irene Molander(born Wiklund) ???

ami tempelman
21-06-06, 10:33
My name is Anne-Marie Tempelman (born Molander).
Im seeking relatives to my grandmother and grandfather Sanfrid Molander and Irene Molander (born Wiklund).
Im a new member.
I was born in Karleby Finland but since the 70s Im living in Stockholm Sweden.


June Pelo
21-06-06, 20:20

Do you know Jan Molander from Karleby who recently joined this Finlander Forum? We have been exchanging mail but I haven't heard anything recently. Sanfrid Molander accompanied my farmor and her children when they left Finland in 1909 for the US. My father and his sister Ruth knew Sanfrid quite well and we had a lot of old pictures taken when Sanfrid was in Michigan. I don't have any data about Sanfrid, but I'm sure you can get it from Jan.


ami tempelman
21-06-06, 21:09
Yes, Jan is my youngest brother.
There are four of us, Hkan (Paul-Hkan) born 1955, Im born 1957 then the next is Susan born 1963 and Jan (Jan-Andr 1967).
Only my eldest brother and myself met both Sanfrid and Irene.
I do remeber them, but Im curious if there are relatives in the USA ( from his family side) or stories about them.
Our father Paul died last year in september, he kept almost everything "faffa" Sanfrid and "fammo" Irene had storeged during their life together.
I had the plesure to inherit lot of the old stuff, like "faffas" old American bible, their passports, letters between them before they got married, one of the trunk they had when they crossed the ocean, an old recordplayer and things like that.
And these things are important to me, just like all the stories abou them. Then maybe I can help somebody else with something else.
I was to young to ask "faffa" and "fammo" those days. "Faffa" and "Fammo" died when I was about six years old, but I do remeber them... I lived with them in the same house.
There is a name in "faffas" passport ..
"In case Of death or accident notify...

Mr Andrew Nse
741 E Hamilton Ave
Flint Michigan"

Who is he, has this man relatives in USA.
I dont know if Jan told you but we found lots of picture after our father, there are lots of pictures from USA with people we dont know, before "faffa" and "fammo" got married.
We decided that all the pictures should stay in one place and thats with my younger sister Susan.
It would be nice to hear more from you !

Yours sincerely

(sorry for my english, I do hope you can understand what I mean.

June Pelo
21-06-06, 21:31
Hi Ami,

Thanks for your letter. I have a picture and an article about Sanfrid and his sister Lydia Nse and will send you a private message with more information - watch for it.


23-06-06, 05:52
Welcome to sfhs,
I checked for Molander and Wiklund on the Upper Peninsula Finnish emigrants list but found none were members.

If you are able to find names of other Michigan towns besides Flint, it could be very helpful for you.


June Pelo
23-06-06, 16:05
Thought I'd mention that the Andrew Nase in Flint, Michigan (mentioned in Ami's letter above) was married to Lydia Molander, Sanfrid's sister. And they were godparents when I was baptized! When my father was discharged from the Army in 1917 he moved to Flint and stayed with the Nase family while looking for a job. What a coincidence to see mail from one of Sanfrid's descendants here on Finlander! And I have just found a record that Sanfrid's mother Helena Sofia Molander is buried in Lakeview cemetery in Ludington, MI. When Sanfrid escorted my farmor and family from Finland in 1909, they went to Ludington where Sanfrid visited his mother, and my farmor went to stay with her sister who lived there. Sanfrid spoke some English and my family spoke only Swedish, so it was good to have Sanfrid along to translate.


30-06-06, 21:32
Hej June,
Could that Nase have been originally Nsi?

June Pelo
30-06-06, 21:38

It's hard to say how the name Nse was spelled. I have seen it as Ns and Nace. All I know is that they married sometime in Ludington and moved ca 1917 to Flint, MI. Their daughter Irma probably was born ca 1913 in Ludington. I was going to check to see if Andrew Nase has brother(s) who came to the US.


June Pelo
30-06-06, 21:44

I intended to ask if there's any record of the Lindquist people belonging to a Lutheran church in Ludington (Emmanuel?). I'm sure that 4 of them were married in that church and their children were born in Ludington:

Johanna, b. 1862 - husband ?
Matt, b. 1864 - wife Edla?
Anders, b. 1866 - wife Amanda
John, b. 1869 - wife Lovisa
Anna Lovisa Bishop, b. 1872 - husband Emil