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21-06-06, 19:03
Through the Tikkurila parish, I have learned that my husband's gr-gr-grandmother was born in the Liminka/Limingo parish.

Anna Katarina Soldan b. 27 Jul 1860 Liminka
Anna Katarina (Soldan) Nyström d. 24 Dec 1935 Tikkurila

HISKI has 12 Soldan marriages for Limingo from 1731 - 1824 but nothing close enough to have a child in 1860. Marriages up to 1863 are listed. Also the neighboring parishes has no possibilities listed.

One possibility of her parents was found in Oulo - Skrädd: Joh: Soldan and Britha Stina 20 who had a daughter, Carin b. 1846.

I have written the Limingo parish but was wondering if anyone familiar with this parish has come across the name Soldan. It is not a common name so should not be hard to pick out if there is any history there.

Any info would be most welcome. - Wilma

15-09-10, 10:30
Hi! You asked for Anna Kajsa Soldan

Pigan Kajsa, Eva-Stinasdotter Soldans oäkta barn Anna Kajsa 27.7.1860 Liminka.

Mother is Kajsa, Eva-Stinas daughter Soldan,father is unknown! It seems also mothers father is unknown.

T.Järvelin, Liminka

06-10-10, 03:58
I am wondering if it is possible to find the old farm places where the ancestors lived by using the farm number from the old rippikirjat? We are going to be visiting Finland and I would like to try and find the farms where the Homola ancestors lived. They were in Alapää, Poudinmäki, Härmä and Hirvela.

07-10-10, 09:45
Link above:
You can find Alapää, Puodinmäki, Härmä and Hirvela
Welcome to Liminka! We will help you here

09-10-10, 06:32
Thank you for the map. I have printed off a copy and will be able to drive around there. But is there a local historical society that I should visit that would tell about the area? Preferably in English? But my mother-in-law speaks Finnish and she can translate if need be. We will be in the area next Friday. Dian

09-10-10, 08:42
I think you just need to arrange for a coffee visit with anyone that is willing. Then they can show you where to go.

Have fun and wave at my cousins along the way! :)

09-10-10, 18:24
Right Ilmari - the question is how do I find someone who is willing that speaks English? Diane

10-10-10, 01:44
I sent an e-mail to my cousin and his wife - they have an organic grain farm in Liminka and maybe they can offer some suggestions.

Hopefully they will respond soon.

Until then...;)