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Tracy Boeldt
09-10-03, 03:58
Hi all,
I just got some information from the parish of Helsingfors and I had noticed that my g aunt & uncles deaths were just one day a part. So I emailed my question to the parish and their answer was that they couldn't give out that information until a hundred years had pasted from the deathdate. I will be 97 years old by this calculation--who knows if I will be alive. Has anyone else experienced this and how do I find out about the cause of death before then--or is there no hope in that?!
Thanks in advance!

Gita Wiklund
09-10-03, 22:15
Hi Tracey,

Concerning people that died less than 100 years ago some information is classified as secret according to the legaslation in Finland. I dont know about the finnish legaslation more than that, but in Sweden where some information is classified as secret up until 70 years passed after the death, it is considered secret if there is any reason to believe it could cause harm if the information is given.

I suggest you try to post your question to the Gen. Soc. of Finland, Im sure they must know all about this subject. I dont know how much they serve non members, but if you ask nicely...

The Genealogical Society of Finland
Liisankatu 16 A
FIN-00170 Helsinki

Telephone +358-9-278 1188
Fax +358-9-278 1199
E-mail samfundet%40genealogia.fi


Tracy Boeldt
09-10-03, 23:09
Thanks Gita--I will try that suggestion--I see how it's important to keep things from harming people, but a hundred years is a long time to wait! Maybe since they had no children, it will be easier to pled my case--at least, I hope it does! You changed your picture--both picrtures are so cute!
Thanks again,

Gita Wiklund
09-10-03, 23:15
Well, yes I changed the picture - I got so tired of that baby smile
Unfortunately Im very seldom being photographed , Im mostly behind the camera myself. So this new one is from 1999, and what you dont see is that Im standing on a vulcano in New Zealand.