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June Pelo
23-06-06, 02:32
Peder and Sven were reading their recent email at work. Chuck walked over and burst into laughter as he read what was on the computer screen. There were a dozen humorous stories. Chuck was surprised - Peder and Sven weren't laughing. "Don't you find these funny?", he asked. Peder answered, "Ve didn't know dat any von knew Ole (the miser) and Lena from Duluth who vent to da Olympics who bought a clarinet because Lena sing terrible who got divorced after she had heart attack at Oak Street, then Ole died and Lena sold his boat, or knew Lars the bartender, who knew blind Ole".

"Wow!", Chuck exclaimed. "You knew them?"

"Yaaah," said Sven. "It's good dat ve had extra moose meat. It vas the least ve could do for dem".

June :p