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June Pelo
24-06-06, 22:41
Once again I am trying to track down information about emigrants who may have gone to Ludington, MI. Helena Sofia Henriksdotter Molander, b. 13 Jun 1842 in Karleby, went to the US (after 1908?) and died 20 Sep 1917 in Ludington. Three of her children also went to the US:

- Helena Sofia, b. 27 Oct 1866, to US 1880 and died 1 Oct 1936 - unknown. She married Matts Leander Majander, b. 3 Nov 1862, Finland, d. 22 May 1939 - unknown.

- Matts Sanfrid, b. 10 Oct 1881, lived in Ludington and elsewhere in Michigan, before returning to Finland prior to 1931.

- Lydia, b. 9 Dec 1884, to US 1902 - went to Ludington and died 22 Aug 1955, probably in Flint, Michigan. Married to Andrew Nase either in Ludington or Flint ca 1909??. They had a daughter Irma, probably born in Flint before 1920.

Can anyone add anything to this information?


25-06-06, 09:37
Hi June,

I found a Draft Registration card for Matts S. Molander (he was living in Aberdeen, WA) that lists his mother as Sophia Anderson of Ludington, Michigan... I haven't found the others yet, however.
I am attaching the image.


June Pelo
25-06-06, 18:34
Thanks, Debbie.

It looks like he became a citizen, which I don't think his grandchildren knew. I looked for a date on that card, but didn't see one. I have a hunch that Sophia Anderson was his sister. She married a Matts Leander Andersson Majander - and he probably dropped the Majander and took Anderson as his name. We didn't know where Sophia and Matts lived, but it looks like they were in Ludington, as well as his mother.

I don't think Sanfrid's family knew that he had lived in Aberdeen - they knew he lived and worked in Michigan. Strange that he became a citizen because he went back to Finland, married and died there.


Karen Norwillo
25-06-06, 19:27
The date is on the other half of the card. It was signed Sept. 12, 1918 at Grays Harbor, WA. The other half is way over on the right of the screen.

June Pelo
25-06-06, 19:38
Thanks, Karen. This is news to his family that he was in Washington state.