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Tracy Boeldt
09-10-03, 04:14
Hi forum!
This summer I was given my g grandmother's prayer book and it is in horrible condition--falling apart & has a moldy smell to it. The problem is that there is writing in it from my g grandmother (I assume--that least some of the writing is hers) and it might have both Finnish & Swedish handwriting in it. The text is in Swedish. Anyone have any ideas where I should take it to copy the handwriting and afterwards what should I do to keep the condition from getting worst.
Thanks in advance!

Gunnar Damström
16-10-03, 20:42
I would not try to make photocopies- that would probably speed up the deterioration. Instead I would hand copy whatever you can read of the notations. You could take it to a professional bookbinding shop- there is a good one in Olympia, Washington, however I am sure there are plenty in California, too. They may suggest that rather than restore the book you may consider having them manufacture a special cardbord box with lining for the book- one that allows you to keep the book in your bookcase or in a drawer without risking further deterioration. That is what I have done with many antique books in our library.
Good luck!