View Full Version : Family Symbols for Hämäläinen

27-06-06, 17:19
I recently learned that there are symbols for families; in particular, I learned of one for a branch of the Hämäläinen family. But I was disappointed to be told that the symbol did not apply to the branch coming from the Imatra area of Finland. Does anyone know of the correct symbol, and could you send me a copy of it? I thought it would be appropriate to add to my husband's headstone to reflect his Finnish heritage...since the name was changed in his grandfather's time to Hamlin. Any other suggestions will be welcomed.

08-08-06, 10:15

Trying to understand what you are talking about. Possibilities:

1) Families, specially ones that have a family association, can have logos often in heraldic style. These (might) have something to do with that family's history, ancestor, homeregion.

2) Before literacy spread in Finland, documents were signed with mark and often the same mark (with slight modification) was used with subsequent generations (or owners of the same farm)

From my perspective, I would only consider a symbol that your husband was familiar with, one that was part of his life. Perhaps rather a small Finnish flag?