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June Pelo
01-07-06, 22:10
Europe's first diamond mine has been found in Lahtojoki, Kaavi in Finnish Karelia. Finland can expect a rush of diamond prospectors looking for diamonds. The first stones found are excellent in color. And there is news that a gold mine will be set up in Kittilä in Finnish Lapland. Mining operations are set to begin in 2008, and will create 200 jobs.

The Genealogical Society of Finland has selected Pasi Kuusiluoma as its executive director to replace Leif Mether, who died last year.

Violent deaths among young Finnish men is higher than elsewhere in Western Europe, and the mortality rate of men aged 20-29 is four times higher than the figure among women in the same age group. Primarily this appears to be associated with foolhardy risk-taking and the consumption of alcohol or drugs. Daring swimmers and moped riders seek to expand their horizons and are also drunk as indicated by accident statistics. Young men seem to have a need to take risks.

FAR, July 2006