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03-07-06, 02:29
My great grandfather was John Hill(Peltomaki) born in Merikarvia 1870, he married Hilda Sofia Kyrola from Sievi born 1876. They settled in Embarrass,MN. I'm trying to locate relatives and any info about their children. My grandfather's name was Emil Hemingway Hill. No one seems to have any info about him other then he disappeared when my mother was about 3yr. old. My great grandmother was Alma Dorothea , she was married to Lars Emile or Emile Lars Carlson, I've seen it both ways. Alma was an Olson. I'm also trying to find info about her parents.

William Dahlin
03-07-06, 06:39
1930 Census St. Louis County Embarass Minnesota

John Hill age 60
Born Finland
USA 1891

Hilda S wife age 54
Born Finland

John R. Son
Age 29
Born Minnesota

Waino H. son
Age 20

Born Minnesota

William son
age 16
Born Minnesota

Louis M son
age 13
Born Minnesota

Sylvia L dau
are 11
Born Minnesota

William Dahlin
03-07-06, 06:57
1910 Census Embarrass, St. Louis County, Minnesota

John Hill age 38
Born Finland

Hiltga S wife
Age 35
Born Finland

John R son
age 10

Hilma S dau
age 9

Helmi M Dau
age 7

Frans F dau
Age 6

Emil H son
age 5

Jenni dau
age 4

Heini son
age 3

Waino son
8 months

03-07-06, 07:14
Thank you so much! I found several relatives in Gilbert,& Babbit MN.:)

William Dahlin
03-07-06, 07:17
Ancestry World Tree
Contact: Jane Davis JayneD2*aol.com

Records show Living Hill married a Walter Frank
Freudenreich b. 4/6/1927 Little Falls, MN
5 Living children.

Ancestry World Tree
Contact: Jayne Swenson jayned2*aol.com

Has information on Emil H Hill & Hilda Kyrola

John Hill Peltomaki and Hilda Kyrola

They should be able to fill you in on additional information
of persons you are looking for.

If you are a subscriber to Ancestry.com you should be able to view these records.

03-07-06, 18:01
Both are me, my daughter started the search and I am continuing it. I am Jayne Swenson-Davis, the 2nd oldest daughter of Betty-Lou (HILL) Freudenreich. Emil was her father, and she can only remember her grandfather and greatmother's names ie: John and Hilda HILL. my mother was born in Gilbert,MN. in 1933 and moved to Alabama about age 11 then moved back to MN. She said her father left when she was about 3-4 yrs. old. Her mother Evelyn D.( Carlson) Hill didn't share any info about why he left, and contact to his family was minimal. The info you sent has help so much, I now have family names to continue on her father's side. I'm also searching her mother's side and ran into a wall because my mother can't remember her grandmother's( Alma Dorothea Olson-Carlson) parents first names. All I have is Olson and they came from Sweden. My aunt is trying to help by finding a cousin in the Olson /Carlson family. The info I did find was Alma was born in 1891 and had sibblings ie; Hilda, Otto,Jelmar,Anna,Esther,Lucille, and Clarence. Alma married Emil Lars Carlson and his family lived in St.Hilaire,MN.(Pennington county).I do have Emil's parents and where they came from and his sibblings.ANY suggestions on the Olson search would be helpful.
Thank you again for your help.

William Dahlin
03-07-06, 23:10
Checked 1900 through 1930 census records for Pennington
County, St. Hilaire Mn and did not find any Olson or Carlson
matching your information. Searched each page with no luck.

World War I Draft Registration I came up with:

Lars Emil Carlson
Gilbert, Minnesota
34 Years Old
Born 21 Aug 1884
Pit Foreman
For Oliver Iron Mine

Nearest Relative Alma Carlson Gilbert, Minnesota

P.S. I lived in Cook, Minnesota

William Dahlin
03-07-06, 23:25
Death Record Minnesota

Emil Carlson (Emil L. Carlson)

b. 21 Aug 1884
D. 17 July 1969
Virginia, Minnesota

No luck yet on census records.

William Dahlin
04-07-06, 00:32
Death record:

Alma Carlson
b. 23 Feb 1891
d. 14 Jun 1975
Babbit, MN

William Dahlin
04-07-06, 00:54
You may have this>

1930 Census Gilbert, Mn

Emil Carlson
Age 45
B. Penn.
Father from Sweden
Mother born Finland

Formen Iron Mine

Alma S wife
age 39
born Wisconsin
Father b. Sweden
Mother born Sweden

Evelyn dau
age 1b. Mn

Alex son
age 15
b. Mn

William Dahlin
04-07-06, 01:16
1900 Census Barron Cumberland Wisconsin

Lars Olson
age 49
b. 1850 Sweden

Marry wife
b. April 1862 Sweden

Hilda dau
b. Jan 1889 Wisconsin

Alma dau
age 9
b. Wisconsin

Amel son
agbe 7
b. Jan 1893

Otto son
age 5
b. Sep 1894

Jalmer son
age 2
b. Wisconsin

Ethel dau
ang 1
b. Nov 1898

This may be the family you are looking for. Most of the names
tie in and corresponds to Alma's birth year.

04-07-06, 01:16
The census is the wrong one as Evelyn is my grandmother and my mother was born in1933. Just got some info on Olson, Alma's parents. father is Lars Olson br. 6/23/1850 in Sweden to Olf Johansson + Cathi. her mother is Maria Manson/Monson, br. 4/11/1869 in Sweden to Hanna Persdotter + Mans Mattisson of Hagghult.:D
Thank you,

04-07-06, 01:22
wisc. census is great. Info helped alot.
Thank you.