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10-07-06, 05:30
I am a desendant of Anton Marander (great-granddaughter, he lived in Vasa, Finland before settling in america in Bessemer, Michigan.

I'm trying to find other people in this particular line.

Should anyone have any information, please contact me. I have searched this website a little and seen the name "Kurt Marander" he is a distant relative according to me records, and from what my grandma told me.

I have never signed up for a website like this before-real nervous.


June Pelo
10-07-06, 17:36
Hi Sherry,

Welcome to Finlander. I noticed there are a lot of Marander names in the Talko database. If you can give more data about your great grandfather Anton - when and where he was born, married, etc. - perhaps someone will be able to help you.


10-07-06, 19:24
Hi Sherry,
If Kurt Marander is a relative, I would recommend his book "Släkten Marander" where you will find all your Maranders.
In my database there is a lot of Maranders, but a few names only are of interest to you - and I have given also those names to Kurt Marander.

10-07-06, 20:41
at Swenson 211 = Michigan Dickinson County, Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran
211 10h Hjalmar Matt Jakobson Jan 6 1893 Evijärvi unk
211 10w Ellen Regina Marander Sep 4 1894 Toby Mustasaari Korsholm 1911

211 15w Emelia Valdemar Marander Jun 1 1908 Toby Mustasaari Korsholm 1921
211 15w Aina Jacobson Marander May 12 1903 Toby Mustasaari Korsholm unk

211 84h? Israel Marander not given not given unk
211 84w? Maria not given not given unk
211 84s? Karl not given Finland unk
211 84s? Wm not given Riihimäki unk

at Swenson S 14-2 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Ironwood, Salem Lutheran (near Bessemer)

S 14-2 22h Gustaf Adolph Marander Dec 27 1866 Helsingfors 1887
S 14-2 22w Hilda Berg Apr 29 1867 Vasa 1887

at Swenson S 22 = Michigan, Gogebic Co, Bessemer, Saron Lutheran

S 22 94u Emelia Marander Jun 1 1908 Vasa unk

I don't know of any are yours.

Tracy Marander
26-03-07, 00:04
Sherry, I am not sure where Anton fits into the geneology, but I am the great granddaughter of John Emil Marander from Ironwood Michigan. Bernt Edward Marander & Florence Estelle Peterson were my grandparents.
Tracy Marander.

Karen Douglas
26-03-07, 00:39
Hi Sherry,

Don't be nervous! This is one of the friendliest and best websites I have ever worked with!:)

I have the "Släkten Marander" book, which was sent to me by Kurt Marander, as I, too, am related to the family. And my family is from Vaasa/Vasa, too!

Let me know what you need and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can!


Susha Maki
12-08-08, 04:26
I am a granddaughter is Anton's sister Anna Alice Marander Nyman who lived in Bessemer, MI. I have a copy of "Slakten Marander" too. I'd be happy to share my information.

12-11-08, 04:18
seems likely that was a relative since my grandpa was from Ironwood as well-things that make you go hmm