View Full Version : Cousin Christine Butle....

Kay Voth
15-07-06, 01:02
You have not been on here since signing up. Want to tell you about my trip to the Old Country..and our ancestor's cradle and all.

Christine Butle
19-07-06, 06:03
So glad Hasse sent this along to me. I have lost your email address and have so little time at home these days to search.

Please email me at: Auntietine*sbcglobal.net when you have time. I want to hear all the details of your visit to Finland - yes, I am SO envious! The cradle?? Oh, I want to hear it ALL!

I was in Oregon this past weekend for a couple of days and now I'm in LA for the remainder of the week.

Hasse - thank you and bless you!


Kay Voth
19-07-06, 17:43
And now, thanks to the forum we are back on line.