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23-07-06, 15:35
Hello, just started as a member of this forum. I am living in Vanda in Finland and born in Terjärv. I am searching for information about three brothers to my grandfather Nils Arvid Dahlvik.
Matts Dahlvik ( date 15.8.1906 in the passanger report). My father has told me that he came back to Finland, but it would be great to find some information about his stay in America.
The other brother is Anders Dahlvik ( born 27.1.1886). My father has told me that he died in America after a appendictius-operaration (forgotten a “towel” in his stomach). Would be nice the find out where he lived and died. My father assumed it could be Seattle.
The third brother is Emil Dahlvik – he died in America in 26.8.1941. Any information about his stay is of great interest. I have also noted Dahlström as last name for him. He might have changed it from Dahlvik to Damström.
I must admit that America has not been a country close to my hearth, but suddenly I get a huge
interest for this country because of the book June mentioned is new in Tejärv (Emigration) this summer. It would be a pleasure to visit this country for the first time by visiting the places these
three men did live in.
I am grateful for all the help someone could give to me in this new area for me.
Kind Regards,

Alf Blomqvist
23-07-06, 16:50
I found following information from Talko:

Dahlvik, Matts Leander Nilsson b. 11 NOV 1882 Högnabba by, Terjärv. Died Amerika. Notes ## USA & 1906-08-04,
Livsöde inte känt. (Cronoby database / Börje Vestö)

Dahlvik, Anders Alfred b. 24 JAN 1886 Terjärv. Died 15 NOV 1912 Amerika. (Göran Byskata, Kronoby, Terjärv)

Dahlvik, Emil Nilsson b. 20 JUL 1875 Högnabba by, Terjärv. Died Amerika. Notes ## USA & 1896-08-16,
Livsöde inte känt. (Cronoby database / Börje Vestö)

June Pelo
23-07-06, 17:29
Kristina mentioned the new book about emigrants from Terjärv "Emigrantvägar" by Hilding Widjeskog and Ole Granholm. Ole sent me a copy of the book and I look forward to reading it - full of pictures and articles about various emigrants from Terjärv.