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23-07-06, 22:31
My grandfather Karl Hugo Nyman came to the US from Finland in 1914 from Hango and settled in NY. His parents were Matilda and Karl and his bothers were Frederick and Possibly Rodolf. I am hoping to find family in the US and in Finland

June Pelo
24-07-06, 00:12
Can you give some birthdates and places for these people? Nyman is a common name and I have lots of them in my database. Perhaps some member will have some data about them.


24-07-06, 03:00
My grandfather was Karl Hugo Nyman. I have a document dated 18/2/1891 with the words Embetsbetyg ar190 N:0 and a picture of a church with Borga Stift under it. I know his father was also Karl and his mother was Matilda. Brothers were Frederick and perhaps Rudolf. They came to the US in 1914 and lived in Brooklyn for a while. My grandfather married Tyyne Karmeniemi in 1922 and they lived in Valley, Stream, NY. I have no knowledge of my great uncles or great grandparents after their arrival in NY. Thank you. Sandra

William Dahlin
24-07-06, 05:23

Found the following:

1930 USA Census Valley Nassau, New York

Hugo Nyman, age 39 born abt 1891. born Finland, Spouse's name: Tyyna age 34 born Finland , Leo son born New York
age 7 b 1923. Hugo to usa 1913, Tyyna usa 1920
Hugo was a carpenter

Registration Card World War I 1914-1917

Hugo Nyman
Brooklyn, New York
born Feb 18 1891 Lovisa Finland
Ship Carpenter

Have not found records yet for 1920. Will keep looking.

William Dahlin
24-07-06, 06:09

1920 Census USA New York

Carl Nyman age 54 born Finland Carpenter
Mitilda age 55 born Finland
Fred age 23 born Finland Carpenter
Hugo age 20 b. Finland Machinest
Rodolf age 17 born Finland. Printer

May be a connection and may not.