View Full Version : Kristinestad or Sideby Passage Records?

27-07-06, 07:50
Does anyone know if there are records of passengers who left Finland prior to the operation of the Finnish Steamship Company out of Hanko.

My grandfather Johan Erik Karfsor's passport is dated October 4 1890, yet in the history by Anders Myhrman he documents my grandfather as arriving in the US on November 12, 1890.

I have been unable to find anything from Finland or the US as to when he left Finland and where from, or where in the US he arrived.


27-07-06, 21:30
Hello Marcy !
I can give you a link to Staffan Storteir and June Pelo.There are many kinds of information about immigrants from Ostrobothnia.http://sydaby.eget.net/swe/emigrants.htm
I hope this helps a little .Good luck!

June Pelo
27-07-06, 22:10
I sent Marcy a private message with some data, too. Hope she checks her PM file.


28-07-06, 01:49
Thanks to Bert and June for the leads, some I had others I didn't. Thanks for mentioning about the PM June, I rarely check it and I had 5 in there.

I'm off to search Castle Garden.

Thanks, Marcy