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jonnee Kohler
30-07-06, 14:03
Hello everyone. I am 57 and knew nothing about my Father born 1916 in Minnesota to Finlander parents. He died when I was 15. Through the FinnFest in Minneapolis, I made breakthroughs.
I have spoken with his baseball buddies, met my cousins and feel joy to have met his first cousin before she died at 92.
I wish I had searched actively earlier, so if you are inclined and are younger do not fear, old folks want you to find them, although it requires trustworthy behavior.
My next goal is to see Finland before I get too arthritic to travel.

Kay Voth
31-07-06, 05:20
I hope you get to Finland. I am 65 and just made my first trip there in May...You may write me if you wish at VVoth*webtv.net Would love to show you my pics and my story. I should have been at Finn Fest in Astoria, Oregon this weekend, but just decided it was not for me as so warm this time of year and too much walking. But, my cousin, Hakan is here for it. He came over from Kronoby. And he did make it down to see me here on the south coast of Oregon. The "at" sign does not appear correctly on this forum, but I think you know what the * means.:eek:

jonnee Kohler
03-08-06, 22:24
I will be in touch when we get back, in sept.

Kay Voth
03-08-06, 23:48
By all means, hope to hear from you later. Thank you. Kay