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Margaret Rader
02-09-03, 23:40
Hello all. I'm Margaret Rader. My maiden name is Holm, and I use that sometimes. I live in Rochester, Washington, where many Swede/Finns and Finn/Finns live/used to live. Independence, near Rochester, used to be called Helsing Junction. Where I live was once a thriving railroad town named Gate City, and quite a few Swede/Finns lived here farming, working in the woods and lumber mills, and for the railroad.
My grandfather came from Nyby in Petalax (John Israel Granholm) and my grandmother (Anna Mathilda Johan-Eriksdr.)came from Svartnäs. which is in Överträsk in Närpes. I have a note in Genealogy about her family, and the pedigree for my grandfather is on the Pedigree page.
When I started my Finnish side of the family, Margaretha Lindholm in Finland very kindly sent me great detail about my grandfather's line.
I haven't heard too much on Finlander about Malax, Kornäs and Närpes -- hope to hear more.

Margaret :)