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01-08-06, 16:06
I am researching the Koskela family who migrated from Yppärikylä, Finland to Cascade County, Montana in the late 1880's and early 1890's. My grandmother was researching the Koskela family history before she died in 1979. I have several letters written to her by her Finnish cousins and would like some help interpreting the Finnish language. My great grandfather was born in Yppärikylä, however, from notes of a cousin to my grandmother - the Koskela family who lived there in the 1960's were not relatives. My great grandfather's name was Johan Mattson Koskela. My great grandmother's name was Amanda Huuki. Any assistance is most appreciated.


02-08-06, 15:08

Yppärikylä (a village) seems to be in Pyhäjoki parish and Koskela families lived there. The surname Huuki seems to be at least at a neighbour parish of Kalajoki.

Hiski is only untill year 1850, so I don't know if you can identify your ancestors so early. Have a look at : http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/-lfgoec?en


02-08-06, 15:30
Thank you for the reply!

I have a typed copy of a “Sukuselostus” from the church books in Pyhäjoki prepared by a clerk there. It is written in Finnish (of course). I can see a date (Matti Matinpoika (Berg) Koskela) that goes back to October 1, 1795. That name was listed for Talollinen Yppärin kylästä -- thinking that kylasta means village. My biggest problem is not being able to interpret the Finnish language carefully enough. I can interpret some of the words like son, daughter, born, issue, but I don't understand the names and many of the other words. For example in the name above, Matinpoika sounds like the son of Mat or Mattson, but I don't know if that is a correct interpretation.

I could provide lots more information, but most of what I have is written in Finnish. I would be happy to replicate information that I have if someone could help interpret it.


Karen Norwillo
02-08-06, 18:38
You are correct. Poika means son, Matinpoika is the same as Mattsson. Tytär is daughter, same as dotter.There are several good sites online that will show you the Finnish equivalents of Swedish and English first names. For instance, my grandfather Gabriel's passport info record in Oulu is under Kaaperi. Can be very confusing I know.