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03-08-06, 18:04
Hi everyone, my name is Walt Laakkonen. I am from northern Minnesota (50 years ago), and now live in Arlington Hts., IL with my wife of 36 years. We have two children both out of the nest. I have been on a quest for many years to learn the derivation of my surname in Finland. I would appreciate it if anyone could help with this, I haven't learned much so far. Thanks.

04-08-06, 07:19
Laakkonen is quite a common name in Eastern Finland. Propably it has its roots at a first name Nikolaus. An other option is a first name Blasius (The Great Surnamebook).

Harry Smeds

Alice Finnerty
08-08-06, 03:58
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Your gonna love it here.
I just got the movie Fire & Ice - the Winter War of Finland and Russia. Has anyone seen it? Its Totally AWESOME! SISU

08-10-06, 01:49

Try this place for Finnish churchbooks, free, there is an English and Swedish section if Finnish is a problem.

Vols in Finland are scanning new church books on a rather daily basis so maybe this will give you a lot of fun.

ps/in the UP of Michigan, on highway M28 partway between Marquette and Munising there is a sculpture grove by a Laakonen guy (forgive spelling)
ths website tells more and spelling is different also.

Kay Voth
08-10-06, 17:59
Where do you get the movie, Fire and Ice?

June Pelo
08-10-06, 22:52

Do you take the Finnish American Reporter? On page 5 of the October issue is an ad for Fire and Ice. You can get it in DVD format for $24.95, postage paid in the US:

1. Telephone 906-475-5312 or

2. E-mail your request to jkippola*up.net or

3. Send check or money order for $24.95 to:
Jim Kippola
280 Riihinen Rd.
Negaunee, MI 49866-2196