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Paul Dahlin
03-08-06, 20:14
Hello... I would appreciate any assistance with regard to my great grandmother's family or her husband's family.

Her name was Hulda Ulrika Hedström (1862-1953). We believe she and her family came from Kökar, Åland. She married a Westerberg whom we also believe to be from the same area.

Hulda and her husband had three children:

Elin Augusta Westerberg (my grandmother)
Richard Westerberg
Gerda Westerberg



Ingemar Ekman
07-08-06, 12:48
Hi Paul,
Have you any given name for Westerberg? I have in my family file some Westerberg from Kökar related by marriage:
Matts Wilhelm Westerberg b 1 Sep 1885 in Helsö no. 5, married to Naima Alexandra Nordberg b 13 May 1890 in Helsö no. 6. She has roots to the neighbour parish Föglö. They had at least 3 children born 1916 - 1924
Please check also the emigrant database at http://www.eminst.net/starte.htm
I noticed that their data base refer to a newspaper article from 1971 ( obituary ?) for Johannes Albert Lennart Westerberg from Kökar that emigrated to America. If I get time I will take a photo of the article before I return home to Sweden.
Best Regards,
Ingemar Ekman

Paul Dahlin
08-08-06, 16:13
Hello Ingemar... thank you for your reply and also your suggestion regarding the emigrant database. I will study it this week.

Unfortunately I do not have a given name for Hulda Ulrika Hedström's husband... all I know is that he was a Westerberg and was probably born in the late 1850s or early 1860s.

We did learn about a Shoemaker, Frans Julius Westerberg (1844 - 1884), from Häggesböle, Gabbels and his wife Ida Sofia Strömsten (1852 - 1923) from Porkkala who were married Aug. 4th 1877.

We have been advised in a separate e-mail that Frans Julius Westerberg was likely related to Hulda Ulrika Hedström's husband, but we do not know how. We also have been advised that his wife, Ida Sofia Strömsten, has a separate connection to our family as a relative of her family, Ethel (Etti) Strömsten, married Hulda Ulrika Hedström's grandson.

I think we are close to finding out more... but the answer still escapes us.

Thank you again for your response.


08-08-06, 18:22
Hulda Ulrika Hedström was born in Kyrkslätt (Nyland) not in Åland. I found this in hiski:

Kirkkonummi - Kyrkslätt - married
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

4.8.1877 5.10.1877 Häggesböle By Skomakaren Frans Julius Westerberg Fyrvaktaredottren Ida Sofia Strömsten Porkkala
Kirkkonummi - Kyrkslätt - married
Announc. Married Village Farm Man Wife Village Farm

29.3.1856 20.4.1856 Kolsarby Skomakaresonen Carl Fredrik Hedström Drengfogde Enka Amalia Gustava Forström Bondarby

original - SKKSIVU: 323
original - MKKSIVU: 323
original - ILM: Enkans bouppteckning förrättad den 3 Januari 1853 efter hennes aflidne man Drengfogden Carl Gustaf Forström uppteddes och påtecknades samt återlemnades.
original - VPAIK: Wigde utan Skrud åKolsarby

Kirkkonummi - Kyrkslätt - christened
Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

6.3.1878 18.3.1878 Häggesböle Skom. Frans Vesterberg hu Ida Sofia 26 Aina Franzina

21.11.1879 26.11.1879 Häggesböle Gabbels Skomakaren Frans Julius Westerberg hu Ida Sofia 25-30 Hjalmar Edvin

original - KKSIVU: 266
3.1.1882 5.1.1882 Häggesböhle Gabbels Skomakaren Frans Julius Westerberg hu Ida Sofia 30-35 Walther Werner

original - KKSIVU: 266
3.12.1883 26.12.1883 Häggesböle Skomakaren Frans Westerberg hu Ida Sofia 30-35 Arthur Nicolai

original - KKSIVU: 266

Kirkkonummi - Kyrkslätt - christenedBorn Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child

4.6.1856 8.6.1856 Kolsarby Skomakaresonen Carl Gustaf Hedström hustru Amalia Gustava Forsström 30 Mathilda Gustava

3.1.1858 6.1.1858 Kolsarby Sne Skomakaren Carl Hedström hustru Amalia Gustava 31 Amalia Wilhelmina

27.1.1860 29.1.1860 Kolsarby Skomakaren Carl Fredrik Hedström hust. Amalia Gustava 35 Josefina Carolina

28.5.1862 1.6.1862 Kolsarby Skomakaren Carl Fredrik Hedström hust. Amalia Gustava 36 Hulda Ulrika

24.6.1864 29.6.1864 Kolsarby Skomakaren Carl Fredrik Hedström hust. Amalia 38 Alma Maria

3.3.1868 8.3.1868 Kolsarby Skom. Karl Hedström hustru Amalia 42 Karl Fredrik

Christina Nordback

Paul Dahlin
08-08-06, 23:20
Hello Christina... thank you for the information. We were looking in the wrong area.

My grandfather's side of the family came from Kyrkslätt; however, we were operating under the mistaken impression that my grandmother, Elin Augusta Westerberg, came from Åland. You have confirmed the roots on both sides run deeper than we thought in Kyrkslätt.

Again, we appreciate the assistance!!



Paul Dahlin
12-08-06, 18:05
I would like to thank everyone who assisted, both here on Finlander and also in private e-mails.

Here is what I now believe is accurate:

ADOLPH HEDSTRÖM (b????) married CAROLINA GUST (b 1799). They had a son CARL FREDRIC HEDSTRÖM (b. 01 Apr 1825, Kyrkslätt) who was also a shoemaker.

On 20 Apr 1856 in Kyrkslätt Kolarsby CARL FREDRIC married a widow AMALIA GUSTAVA (b 1826). AMALIA's first husband was CARL GUSTAF FORSTRÖM.

CARL FREDRIC HEDSTRÖM and AMALIA GUSTAVA had 6 children; MATHILDA GUSTAVA (b 4 June 1856), AMALIA WILHELMINA (b 3 Jan 1858), JOSEFINA CAROLINA (b 27 JAN 1860), HULDA ULRIKA (b 28 May 1862), ALMA MARIA (b 24 June 1864) and KARL FREDRIK (b 3 Mar 1868).


HULDA ULRIKA HEDSTRÖM and GUSTAF ADOLF WESTERBERG had 5 children; ELIN AUGUSTA (b 30 Aug 1888 - d 26 Nov 1968), NESTOR WERNER (b 1 Jan 1890), AKSEL RUDOLPH (b 6 Mar 1892), FRANS RICHARD (b 1 Feb 1894) and GERDA (b 1901 - d 1981).

Again... thank you for pointing me in the right direction!!