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12-10-03, 22:25
Malax TV is a small Ostrobothnian community TV station sending once a week in the cablenet.

Now you can see "Malax Nytt" (or in english "Malax News") on internet at the adress www.malax.tv/mnytt.htm (http://www.malax.tv/mnytt.htm).

Malax is a rural community, with about 6000 inhabitants, 25 kilometers south of Vasa.
The TV-station has now worked for 20 years, and all the work is done on a voluntarily and non-profit basis (=talko).

"Malax Nytt" contains a little of what happens in Malax, which means it may contain anything, what ever. The program is in the swedish language.

12-10-03, 23:15
Bästa Maggan,