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04-08-06, 17:01

For those who are contemplating DNA testing, but who are more interested in their 'deep ancestry'--how their ancestors came to be where they lived, The National Geographic Society has now embraked on a worldwide project--The Genographic Project-- to trace the migratory patterns of all ancient humans.

What does this mean to you and me?

Well, they are asking people to join the project (yes, there is a small fee), and to give a DNA sample (if one has already been tested, some labs have a link to upload the resutls to The Genographic Project's database.

As this is about ancient ancestry, it is not really genealogically informative, unless you have no idea where you family came from, and then your results can only provide a clue, not a definitive answer.

However, The Genographic Project is also secure and private, in that they do not use one's name in the data, only the data that your DNA results can provides. And, they only test for the simplest test: 12 markers.

Each person who tests is assigned a code number. Using that code, one can access the website, and be funneled to the particular group that one's results determine in relevant. There, it is possible to read the known 'story' about how one's DNA has migrated. And, as they--the Scientists and geneticists of the Project-- learn more about your group, they will update the pages. This is an ongoing project.

In my tests, I ahve already matched with many Swede-Finss and Finn-Finns. And learned mroe than I could ahve ever hoped to learn any other way. this is just another avenue to understand who we are and how we came to be.

For anyone interested, I recommend taking a look at National Geographic's website. I have uploaded my mtDNA results, to see if they can tell me where my grandmother's family came from.

Good summer to all!