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05-08-06, 13:47
Good Afternoon,

Could anyone help with the history of Maria Cemetary in Karleby?

Thank you beforehand

June Pelo
05-08-06, 18:33
I have relatives buried in both Maria and Elisabet cemeteries in Karleby. I'll ask some relatives in Karleby if they know something about Maria.


05-08-06, 21:03
På adressen
kan du läsa om kyrkor och kapell i Karleby

Marie begravningsplats
Marie begravningsplats som ligger mellan stadskärnan och Björkhagen togs i bruk år 1810

Anna begravningsplats
Ligger bredvid Marie, invigdes i december 2001.

Elisabeth begravningsplats
Ligger invid Vasavägen och togs i bruk år 1848.

Hälsningar Christina Nordback

06-08-06, 08:48
Good Morning,

It quite correct that Marie Cemetary is on Bredviksvägen and Anna Cemetary just opposite. However neither of my relatives could give more info on the History behind the name - Marie.

Can rule the architects out as neither of them had the name Marie for the Chapel. Same counts for the other cemetaries, could be interesting to established... :)

Kaj Granlund
07-08-06, 11:33
Sometimes the names come from the first person that was burried in that paticular cemetery.

07-08-06, 16:44

Difficult to proof - if that is the case... :( The type of footnote will not do... Maybe time will tell us??

Kaj Granlund
08-08-06, 11:43
sent you a message whom to contact.But Elisbaet can be a woman burried.