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05-08-06, 23:27

Couple of requests again. First is about the following family:

husband Jack Kaski
wife Anna Lyydia Pari/Bari/Berg, b. September 19th 1882 Alavus, d. 1985 Ashtabula, OH (over 100 years!). Wife moved from Finland to USA in about 1914.

I'd like to know the children of this couple. As far as I know they have had at least two sons, apparently Arno and Arvo Kaski. Unfortunately I have no idea about their families.

I also would like to ask help to find Anna Lyydia's brother who has been in North America as well. This one is much more difficult as I have so humble clues to give...

Brother is Elias Teodor Pari/Bari/Berg, b. July 14th 1900 Alavus. There is no information about his year of decease, but he moved to Canada in November 1923. I don't know where he resided exactly.

All information is very appreciated - big thank you!


William Dahlin
06-08-06, 03:46
Found the following:

1920 Census Conneaut, Ashtabula, Ohio

Jakob Kaski
age 34 = b. 1886
USA 1906
Born Finland
Occupation: Car Repair

Sydia wife (Lydia) (Sudia)

Age 37 = born 1883
USA 1906

Alvo son
Age 9 = born 1911 Ohio

Julia dau
Age 8 1/12 born 1912 Ohio

Arne son
age 5 3/12 = born 1915 Ohio

1930- Census Conneaut, Ashtabula, Ohio

Jacob Kaski
age 44 b. 1886
born Fin
USA 1906
Occupation- None

Anna Wife
age 47 = b. 1883

born Fin
USA 1903

House Keeper private family

Arnold son
age 16 = b. 1914 Ohio
Occupation None

Anna Kaski
born 17 Sep 1882
died Aujg 1985
Geneva, Ashtabula, Ohio

Arnold Kaski
born 4 April 1914
died April 1968
Conneaut, Ashtabula, Ohio

Karen Douglas
06-08-06, 14:47
Hi Marko!

If you need any additional information about Ashtabula I would recommend that you contact Chuck Altonen. He is a journalist, has lived there for many years, and has written numerous articles about that area (and people) for the Finnish American Reporter. His email address is: kassu*alltel.net.

Karen Douglas

06-08-06, 17:19
Thanks for the responses! I'm sure this Kaski family is the same as my relatives, even though there are some little differences between this and the information I had.

About the second question made by me, I wouldn't be surprised if Elias Teodor Pari resided in area of current Thunder Bay, ON. He had relatives - couple of cousins - there at that time. If this would help in finding of him!