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09-08-06, 01:02
Saw two people sign up today with the very same date of birth. And I remember some before of the same date. Isn't that a coincidence?

Well, these ppl are scammers, etc, so if you see that date, avoid them. Avoid them whatever date until they have been vetted by Hasse.

I think whoever is an unemployed Finn who is on the dole and has nothing to do. Maybe this person can be traced but then he'd move to another isp and do it again. I know, when he is caught, he gets to do his community service at Järvanpää :)

Good luck Hasse.

Paivi T
09-08-06, 19:14
Quoting Chuck: "I know, when he is caught, he gets to do his community service at Järvanpää"

Järvenpää, huh? Do you know something about our current home town that I should know, too... :confused: :)

09-08-06, 20:11

I just selected a northern remost village which I could see on my map. But I confess I have not spelled it correctly.

"bad keyboard, bad boy"

Instead of Järvanpää, it ought to have been Järvenpää.:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

09-08-06, 22:03
I truly believe that the spammer in question is not from Finland - and must say couldn't care less if he/she was. The easiest way is to ignore them. They will not get approved by me, ie. will not be registered members. I removed the homepage link during registration also so it will be a little more difficult to enter questionable "interesting information" into a profile.
Spammers are suckers that don't have a life.

One thing which this whole spammer thing is leading to is that new registrants will not get approved if they don't fill in relevant information about themselves. Please remember that folks!


10-08-06, 11:15
The guy walked into the trap. He was logged on a while this am, registered using his faked ip number as usual. Maybe will be surprised when somebody will knock on his door...probably his IP wouldn't either want to be put on the black lists... The IP package analyzer seem to have logged the needed packages and their return addresses so after a while we will know his/her original IP address at the time of his visit. If this address is within an organisation that keeps track of the different users of workstations then we are in luck.

Alea jacta est!

11-08-06, 07:34
As a precaution i also removed the showing of the home page -field in the user profile -- if somebody wonders.

The "work at home get rich schemes" -person must soon realize that silent spamming from/through Finlander dowsn't work. The membership lists doesn't get indexed by the spiders and many of the fields doesn't show. The non accepted's user profile doesn't show so the spider doesn't see that either.

So - even thoug a silent spammer registers it is no big deal anymore. An extra member applicant to remove every now and then, thats all.

Hope you real Finlander members can live with this.


11-08-06, 19:05
Looks good to me and glad you were able to trace him/her/it.
I recall many years ago that my emails to multi.fi were returned because my isp had put that on a reject list - one guy there was an early spammer.


25-09-06, 08:21
Hi all,

Since Finlander now have been attacked by the same silent spammer 100 times I felt I had to change strategy. From this day nobody can register automatically "just by pressing the icon". No - when you press "register" you will get an information that a membership application must be sent to sfhs*e-brev.nu with enough information to be able to figure out that the applicant isn't a spammer. Of course the use of anonymous and untraceable so called "free" email addresses of type hotmail.com, msn.com, yahoo.com etc will not make it easier to become a member.

I hope that people wanting to join Finlander understands this and points their possible anger towards the spammers who are the reason for this. Always also remember never to buy products that are marketed using spams on internet.