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Sandy Witt
13-10-03, 18:23
My grandfather's sister is listed on the Institute of Migration's passport list in 1900, and I assume she immigrated to the USA after the death of her twin sons.

I have not been able to locate any information about her in the USA. I have reason to believe that she might have settled in Michigan, but am not sure.

Background: Hilda Cecilia Johansdr Bäckman
b. March 09, 1874 in Sideby, Finland
She was listed in Nybond, Gunnar (!998). Skaftung by i Kristinestad:
Hilda Cecilia, b. 9.3.1874, to Föglö in the Åland Islands 10.11.1897, had twin sons (unmarried):
4a. Gustaf, b. 31.12.1899, d. 26.3.1900
4b. Alvar, b. 31.12.1899, d. 21.4.1900
Institute of Migration: Passport records—Bäckman, Hilda Cecilia 18.07.1900 b.1874 Sideby (Siipyy) destination: America

Thank you for any information or suggestions.

Sandy Johnson Witt
Gainesville, Florida

13-10-03, 21:02
Hi Sandy,
You didn't say, so I assume you don't know, but did Hilda marry once she arrived in Michigan?

I searched the 1900 and 1910 census for Hilda Backman/Beckman and didn't come up with anything.

Let me know if she married and I can check that name.

Ingemar Ekman
13-10-03, 21:28
Hi Sandy,
I checked if Hilda Cecilia Bäckman/Beckman lived in Stockholm for some years after she left Föglö, but no hits. I checked also the CD of emigrants from Swedish harbours and found 6 Bäckman from Finland that went to USA from Gothenburg but not your Hilda Cecilia.
I think we are related. My grandmother's 3rd cousin was Vendla Sofia Abrahamsdotter 1847-1896, married to Johan Jakob Bäckman b 1846.
Best Regards,
Ingemar Ekman,
Järfälla Sweden

Sandy Witt
13-10-03, 21:41

Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply. Yes, we are related. In fact, Vendla Sofia Abrahamsdotter Högback 1847-1896 and Johan Jakob Bäckman 1846-1933 are my great grandparents, the parents of my grandfather, Johan Viktor Johansson Bäckman, who immigrated from Sideby to Florida in the early 1900s.

With the assistance of Staffan Storteir, I have written a brief biography of his early life, his emigration from Finland, and life in America, posted at http://sydaby.eget.net/ody/emi/jvjb_bio.htm - I have located all of his siblings who immigrated to America except for two, Hilda Cecilia and Frans Oskar, who supposedly died in Florida in 1904.

I would like to know more about which of your ancestors are related to my great grandparents. I have a fairly large genealogy file for my Finnish relatives and may possibly have information for you.


Ingemar Ekman
13-10-03, 22:17
The article about your grandfather is very interesting to read and I will print the article. I went to Sideby for the first time in my life this summer and visited my grandmother Josefina Selin 1874-1954, 1st cousin's daughter, Linda. She lives as neighbour to Kilen museum. I met also Staffan and he helped me with my questions and he recommended also the Gunnar Nybond's books. I borrowed the books on the library. I found many of my relatives in these books and also in the book of Karl Axel Holmberg. My ancestor's tree is published on SFHS home page.
Talk more later,

Sandy Witt
13-10-03, 22:27

The last record I have of Hilda Cecilia Bäckman is her passport application, so I have no idea what might have happened to her and whether she ever married.

It is even possible, I suppose, that she never immigrated. Her younger sister Matilda Bäckman Finney (1884-1967, Minnesota) told me when I was a girl that my father had an aunt in this country (and I assume she was referring to Hilda).

Unfortunately, I didn't pursue this any further at the time.


03-11-03, 06:15
Hi Sandy,
I missed it - I see Michigan mentioned but no town name. Do you know that town name?

04-11-03, 23:19
Hi Sandy,

I searched Ancestry.com for Hilda Backman and got two hits in the Minnesota Naturalization Records Index, 1854-1957.

For the naturalization records, contact Iron Range Research Center, ATTN: Naturalization,
Highway 169 West, Box 392, Chisholm, MN 55719-0392
Phone is 218-254-7959
Email is: yourroots%40ironworld.com

There is a charge to receive the naturalization application papers, but worth it if it is your relative!

I also found two Hilda Backmans in the Minnesota Death Index, 1908-2002 in Ancestry.com.
They were both in Saint Louis County.

Hope this helps.

Susan Haven
Sparks, NV USA

Sandy Witt
10-11-03, 21:32
I appreciate this information.

I thought that she might have immigrated to the Norway(Dickinson County), Michigan area. A number of emigrants from Sideby, Finland settled there, including her brother Axel Johnson.

It appears, however, that she must have gone to Minnesota where her younger sister Matilda Bäckman Finney settled). Thank you, Susan, for the information regarding naturalization and death records. I will follow up on these and hopefully finally locate where my great aunt Hilda Cecilia lived in the U.S.A. (and something about her life here).

Thanks to all of you!

Sandy Johnson Witt

11-11-03, 04:53
If you have a town name, I'd be pleased to check at Swenson.
I found some interesting info for somebody else at Tower Minnesota church so be pleased to return to that county of many surprises!

Chuck in Rock Island

Sandy Witt
11-11-03, 19:23
Thank you, Chuck, for your kind offer.

I have found what may be her death record on the St. Louis County (Rootsweb) death record site at http://rootsweb.com/~mnstloui/slcmndin.htm - Two Hilda Backmans are listed. One is listed as "Hilda Sofia Backman," which would not be my great aunt, whose middle name was Cecilia. The other listing is for "Hilda Backman" and indicates that she died on January 31, 1925 (cause of death: Suicide, which would indicate a tragic end to her life, which also began tragically with the early death of her twin sons).

I will try to access her immigration/naturalization records, although I don't have the records access on Ancestry.com.

I am not sure how to proceed at this point.

I will let you know when I find out what township she lived in. Perhaps she is listed in the Minnesota census, and I will try to check that out.

Sandy Johnson Witt
Gainesville, Florida