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16-08-06, 22:39
Maria Sofia Johannesdaughter Kvist b.Oct 5th 1895 in Korsnäs
d.March 1st 1987 somewhere in America married

Karl Erik Karl-Johansson Hansson b.Feb 12th 1895 in Korsnäs
d.Feb 24th 1968 somewhere in America.

They had only one daughter :

Elvi Maria Elvira Hansson b.sept 28th 1919 in Korsnäs d. abt 1978 married Gerald McCleese b.? d.?

Looking for their children 6-7 ???

Last known recidence Grand Rapid, Minnesota ?


Karen Norwillo
17-08-06, 18:44
Found a Carl Hanson in the 1930 census in Muskegon, Michigan.
Hanson, Carl, 34, married at 23, Finland, speaks Swedish, US 1923, alien, tinsmith. They don't give his wife's first name, she is 33, married at 22, Fin/Swede, 1923. Daughter Elva, 10, Fin/Swede, 1923. So far I haven't found a matching death date for Carl/Karl and Maria.

William Dahlin
18-08-06, 03:06
Michigan Deaths 1971-1996 Records

Maria S. Hanson
Birth Date: 05 Oct 1895
Death Date 19 July 1983
Residence Michigan
Place of Death: Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan

Karen Norwillo
18-08-06, 19:31
Found a Karl Hanson in the death records, but his date of birth is 12 Mar 1895 not Feb. He died Feb 1968 in Muskegon, MI. If the 1930 census is the correct family, this could be him. Karen

18-08-06, 20:42
Could there be some mistakes in the dates when emigrated !! I do need to get in contact with any living grandchild of the Hanssons.