View Full Version : A Big Thank You to Alf

18-08-06, 23:35
Although we have corresponded via email I would like to say a public Finlander thank you to Alf Blomqvist. Due in a roundabout way, via my birthday greetings, postings, Alf has managed to put me in touch with some of my Finnish descendants, from the Sundberg/Liljestrom families. I have been in contact for several weeks now with Fredrik Liljestrom of Nykarlebyvver fame, who has sent me loads of information, which is very helpful and exciting, although I am having a few language problems. Fredrik has offered to help with any of these, so I am making a list!! Plus, I have several other "relations" to contact, which I am ashamed to say, so far I haven't. But we will get there. Thank you very much Alf and Fredrik.


10-10-06, 14:07
Dear Gwen,

I read this response with great interest as I would love to be able to find some more living Finnish relatives. Can you send me an email with the new information that you have and any contacts that might interest me [I'm still in OZ remember!] I think it would be fun to write to rellies in Finland as I have met Heino briefly and I would love to write to him again. He was treated very shabbily on Kangaroo Island I'm afraid and if I had known this I would have shown him around. Alas I did not know and he and Marzja only saw Kingscote!

Any how keep up the research into our huge family and I am still at it at this end and getting some really lovely contacts. I have found a lot of Spence information but alas still nothing on the Ladds.

Love to you both in England,