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I am looking for information on the Branback or Maars family from Malax Finland. My grandfather's name was Axel and I believe his father's name was Erik and mother's name was Caroline. He came to this country in the early 1900's. He lived most of his life in Felch, MI. His brother's were (I think) Ed, August, Lloyd. I believe he also had a sister named Anna.

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This is from the cencus of 1930

August Branback
Home in 1930 Felch Dickinson Michigan
Birthplace Finland
Estimated birth year abt 1898

Household members
August Branback 32
Signe Branback 27 Born in Michigan but with parents from Finland
Lucille Branback 6
Lloyd Branback 4

Name Edward Branback
Home in 1930 Felch Dickinson Michigan
Estimated birth year abt 1884
Birthplace Finland

Household members
Edward Branback 46 Patrol man, County Road Immigrated in 1904
Ida Branback 45 Born in Finland .Immigrated in 1903
Beatrice Branback 19
Mildred Branback 17
Anna Branback 14
Bernhard Branback 12
Leona Branback 10
Ellen Branback 8

In the cencus of 1930 there is also a Leona M Branback.

Household Members
Andrew Sundquinst 73 Immigrated 1882

Susanna Sundquinst 78 Immigrated 1890
Andrew Sundquinst 50 son Born in Finland Immigrated 1890 Farmer
John Sundquinst 38 son Born in Michigan Farmer
Leona M Branback 8 Granddaughter

in 1920 Cencus
Name Edward Branback
Home in 1920 Felch Dickinson Michigan
Year of immigration 1903
Able to read yes
Able to write Yes

Household members
Edward Branback 35
Ida Branback 35
Beatrice Branback 8
Mildred Branback 6
Anna Branback 4
Bernard Branback 2

World War 1 draft regristration Cards 1917-1918 Records about August Branback
City Not stated
County Dickinson
State Michigan
Birthplace Finland
Birth date 3 jun 1890
Race Caucasian
Roll 1675431
He was short and he had grey eyes and darkbrown hair.

Social Security death index record about Edward Branbeck
Birth sept 24 1883
Died jun 1965
SSN 367-18-5442
State (year) SSN Issued Michigan (before 1951)

August Brenback
SSN 366-16-9172
Last recidence Michigan
Born 3 jun 1890
Died Feb 1963
State (year) SSN Issued Michigan (Before 1951)

Axel Branback
SSN 379-10-5227
Last recidence 49831 Felch Dickinson Michigan United States od America
Born 1 Mar 1887
Died July 1966
State (Year) SSN Issued Michigan (Before 1951)

MVH Kerstin

20-08-06, 14:02
WOW! Thank you soooo much for all the information. It is a great start on my family tree. Do you know anything about the parents of Axel? I think his mother Carolina was married twice to someone with the last name of Maars.

Thanks Again,

20-08-06, 17:37
No , I dont know enything about Axels parents. But in the 1900 cencus there is living a Erik Branback in Norway, Michigan . He is a Boarder and he is born about 1860. He is married. He has immigrated in1899.

According to Ellis Island there is a Axel Brenback immigrating to the United States in 1906. He arrives on April 26 1906 on the ship Teutonic from Liverpool. He is 19 years old and he is going to his uncle Benjamin Brenback Box 291 Norway Michigan. Maby that is your grandfather? He is from Korsnäs

And August is arriving to the USA on aug 21 1911. He is coming to New York on the ship Philadelphia from Southampton . He is 21 years old and he is going to Brother , Brother in Law+ friends. Edward Branback in Michigan

MVH Kerstin

21-08-06, 00:04
Thank you so much for the information. I will try to find out if Erik Branback in Norway, MI was by great-grandfather.

21-08-06, 06:35
211 4h Edward Benj. Bränbäck Dec 24 1883 Malax
his wife:
211 4w Ida Kathrine Sandberg Aug 11 1884 Jeppo

film Swenson 211 = Michigan Dickinson County, Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran

info shows birthdate and place but no info on emigration date.

No others found, welcome to sfhs

21-08-06, 14:45
Hello again!

Social security death index about Lloyd Branback
Name Lloyd Branback
SSN 364-26-7824
Last recidence 49801 Iron Mountain Dickinson Michigan United States of America
Born 3 sept 1925
Died dec 1968
State (Year) SSN Issued Michigan (before 1951)

Social security death index about Anna E Branback.
Name Anna E Branback
SSN 371-18-3156
Last recidence 49802 Kingsford, Dickinson Michigan United States of America
Born 13 july 1916
Died 30 Mar 1998
State (year) SSN issued Michigan (before 1951)

Social security death index about Bernard E Branback
SSN 367-18-4855
Last Recidence 49802 Kingsford Dickinson Michigan United States of America
Born 27 jan 1918
Died 23 april 1999
State (yearr)SSN issued Michigan (before 1951)

Now you have the social security to what I beleve is one of August children (Lloyd) and 2 of Edwards children (Anna and Bernard)

MVH Kerstin

04-09-06, 18:16
Hello !
I hope the attached file come trough about Ida Sandberg and family.
BR Bert

06-09-13, 22:15
Hi.I'm Edward Branback's great granddaughter. His oldest a daughter Beatrice was my grandma. Lets exchange family info stories and photos thanks.feel free to reach me privately a journeygirl8365*Gmail.com