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Åke Jaskari
20-08-06, 18:31
Is there someone who can helph me. Wath may happen with following persons in U.S.A. They are emigrants from Finland to U.S.A.
I need the information for ours next family book about the Morney family. (number 3)
Best regards.
Vasanejdens Släktforskare r.f. Vasa,Finland.
Åke Jaskari

Rudolph Allan Rodolphsson born 16 april 1944 U.S.A.

Ethel Morney born 1918 Seattle Wash? U.S.A.

Jeanette Morney born 1922 Seattle Wash? U.S.A.

August Johan-Israelsson Nyfors(Uppgård) born 30 mars 1874 Pörtom Finland.

Isak Edvard Johan-Israelsson Nyfors(Uppgård) born 8 august 1883 Pörtom Finland.

Alfred Johan-Israelsson(Uppgård) born 18 april 1886 Pörtom Finland.

Selma Johanna Johan-Israelsdotter Uppgård born 15 february 1879 Pörtom Finland. Moove to U.S.A. 1899, get married 29 may 1900 with John Nelsson in U.S.A.

William Dahlin
20-08-06, 21:45
1920 Census King Riverton, Washington

Herman Morney
age 35
USA 1910
b. Finland

Esther wife
Age 25
USA 1913
B. Finland

Ethel dau
age 2 2/12
b. Washington

1930 Census Riverton King Washington

Herman Morney
age 45
Floor Fi nisher (Floor Co.)

Esther wife
age 35

Ethel dau
age 12
b. Wash

Jeanette dau
age 8
b. Wash

Esther A Morney
b. 10 Oct 1894
d. 20 Oct 1967
Seattle King Washington

Herman Morney
b. 31 Aug 1884
d. Jan 1978
Seattle King Washington

Word War I Draft Registration 1917-1918

Herman Morney
b. 31 Aug 1884
b. Finland
Floor Finisher (Inlaid Floor Co.)
wife: Esther Morney
7044 11th N. W.
Seattle, Washington

1910 Census Worcester Massachusetts

John P Nelson
age 37 b. 1873
b. Sweden
USA 1891
Sander Wood Chairshop

Selma wife
age 31 b. 1879
b. Sweden
USA 1899

John Ed son
age 9 b. 1901
b. Massachusetts

Arthur B. son
age 6
b. 1904
b.l Massachusetts

William Dahlin
20-08-06, 22:08
1930 Census Eveleth, Minnesota

August Nyfors
age 52 b. 1878
b. Finland
USA 1881
Plumber at Public School

Hanna wife
age 47 b. 1883
b. Finland
USA 1885

Helen dau
age 18 b. 1912
b. Minnesota

Melvin son
age 15 b. 1915
b. Minnesota

August Nyfors
b. 12 Feb 1877
d. 15 Mar 1968
Anoka, Minnesota
Mothers maiden name Smedman

Hannah Nyfors
b. 8 May 1880
d. 25 Apr 1968
St. Louis County, Minnesota

William Dahlin
20-08-06, 22:20
1920 Census Record Eveleth, St. Louis Co. Minnesota

Gust Nyfors
age 43 b. 1877
b. Finland
usa 1894

Hannah wife
age 39 b. 1881

Irene dau
age 13 b. 1907

Agnes dau
age 11 b. 1909

Alma dau
age 9 b. 1911

Helen dau
age 7 b. 1913

Melvin son
age 5 b. 1915

Åke Jaskari
10-09-06, 09:15
Still 2 persons missing. Are there someone who know something about this persons.
Rudolph Allan Gustavsson Krutar born 19 april 1944 in U.S.A.
Emigrant Johan Edward Fred born 7 february 1876 Korsholm (Mustasaari)

Karen Norwillo
10-09-06, 18:40
Apparently, your Rudolph Allen Krutar is very well known in the academic world. He has a BS in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science, both from Carnegie Mellon University. He is listed in Who's Who in the East 1994-1995-1996-1997 and Who's Who in the Media&Communications 1998-1999. I Googled him and all kinds of things came up. I will send you a Private Message with the address that is given on Ancestry US Public Records Index.

Åke Jaskari
10-09-06, 21:18
A big Thank You to Karen, for the info i get.
Same to You William.