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June Pelo
21-08-06, 21:06
A cousin in Finland sent me an article from Vasabladet, August 13, 2006, written by Torbjörn - about the ancestors of Michael Swanson. I thought the data sounded interesting and when I checked my files, I saw that Michael and I had corresponded before he went to Rejpelt this summer to find the birthplace of his ancestors. Good article, Torbjörn.


23-08-06, 03:27
I am excited to see the article!

21-11-06, 00:03
Here is a scan of the article. Thanks, Torbjörn and June!

Elaine Goren
21-11-06, 22:06
Thanks for posting that June! We were in Vasa on August 13 and our friend Marita showed us that article. It was so exciting for us because the day before, thanks to Marita and Siri Hagback at the Malax Museum, we were reunited with cousins I never knew existed. The matriarch of the family is my ggrandmother's sister's granddaughter. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, Elaine

22-11-06, 03:32
found at: Swenson S 19 =Michigan, Luce County, Newberry, Our Redeemer Lutheran
S 19 3h Erik Westin Feb 7 1855 Vörå
S 19 3w Lisa Svensson Feb 24 1858 Vörå
S 19 3s Anders Sep 26 1878 Vörå
S 19 3d Lisa Jul 1 1882 Vörå

maybe these are the Mickelsons?
S 19 21h Carl Johan Mickelson Mar 23 1873 Närpes
S 19 21w Lena Maria Dec 18 1874 Närpes
S 19 21s Sigfrid Johannes Mar 21 __ Närpes
S 19 21d Sigrid Maria Aug 7 1899 Närpes

it was fun to see the article