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Sandy Witt
14-10-03, 03:32
My name is Sandra “Sandy” Johnson Witt. After years of attempting to locate my finlandssvenska relatives, I was finally able to locate them when Staffan Storteir (a fourth cousin, once removed) answered a query that I posted on Genealogy.com in July 2002. He has provided a wealth of information about my ancestors and relatives, the areas in which they lived, and has provided insight into what they experienced during their lives.

My great grandparents were Johan Jakob Gustafsson Bäckman (b. 1846 in Storå, d. 1933 in Sideby) and Wendla Sofia Abrahamsdotter Högback (b. 1847 and d. 1896 in Sideby). My grandfather was Johan Vicktor Johansson Bäckman (b. 1881 in Sideby, d. 1960 in Jacksonville, Florida). He enlisted with the Åland Mercantile Marine at the age of 18. After immigrating to the U.S. six years later, he changed his name to John Victor Johnson and married Katie DuBose, my grandmother, a descendant of French Huguenot and Scotch Irish immigrants.

Staffan has put me in touch with two second cousins (småkusiner) Gunnar and Torolf Bäckman. Gunnar has sent me many photographs, including a photo of my great grandfather during a visit to Michigan. Torolf has provided (and continues to provide) information about our mutual relatives.

I am thankful to the Finlander list participants who have helped me locate relatives on both sides of the Atlantic, most of whom I never knew I had before 2002.

My daughter Amanda and I enjoyed our first trip to Finland in the spring of 2003. We met many relatives, saw the farm where my grandfather was born and grew up, and found my great grandfather’s grave in the Anna Begravningsplats in Sideby.

The family names that I am researching include Appelö, Bäckman, Högback, Lassfolk, Norrgrann from Gottböle (Närpes), Pundars, Teir(folk), Siiro, Svartti, Törndal, and Wahlström. My Törndal connection may be the biggest challenge.

The geographical areas in which I am interested include Sideby, Korsholm, Skaftung, Storå, Närpes-Gottböle, Korsnäs, and Lappfjärd.

The kindness of the Finnish people with whom I am in contact never ceases to amaze me. I have learned so much from my communication with them and from the postings on this list.

Sandy Johnson Witt
Gainesville, Florida

14-10-03, 07:12
Originally posted by Sandy Witt
...My Törndal connection may be the biggest challenge.

Here is my members of the Törndahl family. You will found more on the Finlander Gedcom Talco..
Henrik Mangs

Törndahl, Matts. Trumslagare i Österbottens regemente. Born 1718. Died 17/11 1804 in Gottböle Närpes (Närpes Kb 1802-08 p1/216).

Married 1st to
, Carin Olofsdotter. Born about 1725. Died 3/10 1767 in Gottböle Närpes.
Child Törndahl, Matts Mattsson. Born 15/7 1763 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 16/7 1763 in Gottböle Närpes.
Törndahl, Johan Mattsson. Born 29/9 1764 in Gottböle Närpes. Died som barn in Gottböle Närpes.
Törndahl, Matts Mattsson. Born 6/2 1766 in Gottböle Närpes. Married to Bäckström, Greta Caisa Mårtensdotter. Born 21/6 1759 in Kalax Närpes. Died 14/11 1837 in Kaskö.
Törndahl, Maria Lisa Mattsdotter. Born 20/9 1767 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 5/7 1770 in Gottböle Närpes.
Married 2nd 24/6 1768 in Närpes to
Norgrann, Maria Mickelsdotter. Born 1736 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 7/3 1809 in Gottböle Närpes.
Child Törndahl, Maria Mattsdotter. Born 1/4 1769 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 18/6 1769 in Gottböle Närpes.
Törndahl, Johan Mattsson. Skräddare. Born 15/6 1771 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 7/5 1809 in Gottböle Närpes. Married to , Catarina Mattsdotter. Born 10/3 1770.
Törndahl, Mickel Mattsson. Born ../4 1773 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 24/5 1773 in Gottböle Närpes.
Törndahl, Anna Lisa Mattsdotter. Born 15/8 1774 in Gottböle Närpes.
Törndahl, Henrik Mattsson. Born 10/4 1776 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 24/6 1776 in Gottböle Närpes.
Törndahl, Margaretha Mattsdotter. Born 15/2 1778 in Gottböle Närpes. Died 2/8 1778 in Gottböle Närpes.

14-10-03, 07:52

I can’t agree with you about Johan Henric Bäckman.. Here is my.

Bäckman (Spelman), Johan Henrik Carlsson. Born 29/6 1798 in Ö:Yttermark.

Father Rosenlöf, Carl Mickelsson. Torpare på Spelmann i Ö:Yttermark. Born 20/2 1765 in Näsby (Närpes kb 1802-08 p3/181).
Mother Spelman, Elisabetha Mattsdotter. Born 11/4 1764 in Ö:Yttermark.
Married 6/2 1821 in Isojoki to
Siiro, Catharina "Caisa" Henriksdotter. Born 6/3 1795 in Isojoki. Father: Siiro, Henrik Mattsson. Bonde. Mother: Paholuoma, Lisa Johansdotter. Born 1760.
Child Bäckman, Maija Kreeta Johansdotter. Born 22/5 1830 in Isojoki (E.H.). Died 3/2 1925 in Vanhakylä Isojoki (E.H.). Married 1st 28/12 1851 in Isojoki to Färrm, Johan Jeremias Eriksson. Born 13/11 1823 in Isojoki. Died 16/2 1874 in Isojoki. Married 2nd 12/11 1876 in Isojoki to Häggfors, Jakob.
Törmä (Bäckman), Kustaa Aadolf Johansson. Born 8/5 1823 in Isojoki. Married to Vidberg, Saara Josefsdotter. Born 23/4 1822 in Isojoki.
Bäckman, Kaisa Liisa Johansdotter. Born 10/5 1826 in Isojoki.

Sandy Witt
28-10-03, 23:47

Thank you for the additional information you provided about my third great grandfather (fffff) Johan Henrik Annasson Bäckman (1798-1869). I provided some additional information to you about my Bäckman and Törndahl ancestors, and you wrote the following to me on October 16:

"You have the right Johan Henrik born 28/2 1798 in Gottböle Närpes, Anna Lisa’s other children, I have only finded them in the birth record from Närpes with the father Anders Petter Backman. I am trying to find the family in the normal church record for the year 1802-08. In the church record for the years 1794-1802 where the boy Johan Henrik was born, was also Anna Lisa named and her father Mats Thörndal and the mother Maria Mickelsdotter Norrgrann. After the name of Johan Henrik is marc’t in the church record “BB”. Then it can be possible to find some information in the “Brotts Boken”. That book is only possibility to see at the church office in Närpes. This was all at this moment. I am interested to get the ancestors for Anders Petter Backman born 22/4 1772 and will try to find them."

I appreciate your offer to research the “Brotts Boken” in the Närpes church office. Could I send a written request or does someone have to go there in person?

I also appreciate your offer to find information about the ancestors of Anders Petter Backman/Beckman/Bäckman (ca 1772-1808), who may possibly be my fourth great grandfather. I am not sure if I sent you a genealogy document that my second cousin Torolf Bäckman (Helsingfors) sent me about Anders Petter. The information cited about him includes the following quote:

"Johan Henrik föddes utom äktenskapet, hans mor Anna-Lisa Törndahl gifte sig 12.12.1802 med tjänstedrängen Anders Petter Wahlström från Kalax Nr 16 Bennviik, gården ägdes och beboddes av Johan Petter Bladh, som grundade Kaskö Stad. Som gifta använde de namnet Beckman/Bäckman och fick 2 gemensamma barn, också Johan Henrik heter Beckman/Bäckman i kyrkoböckerna. 1815 fanns Johan Henrik på Gottböle Nr 2 Mannfolk som dräng."

Anders Petter died in 1808, shot by the Russians during the Finnish-Russian war (1808-1809) while attempting to defend Närpes from the Russian invasion.

I will be glad to send this document to you as an e-mail attachment. I would also appreciate any additional information that you or anyone else on the Finlander Forum might have about these ancestors.