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24-08-06, 12:29
Looking for Olga Josefina Mattsdotter Frost(Rickson) born Nov15, 1885. Emigrated to America with her father Matts Eriksson Frost(Rickson) abt. 1909. Married and have four children in Worcester, Mass...


Karen Norwillo
24-08-06, 21:54
Found Olga Rickson, age 16, arrived Boston on SS Ivernia Sep1901, Hango to Liverpool, left Liverpool 27 Aug 1901. Going to father M. Rickson 31 Rodney St Worcester, Mass. She was travelling alone.

1910 Census, Worcester, MA
Rickson, Matt, 58, married x2, 10 yrs in present marriage, US 1894, Fin/Swed, woodworker
Rickson, Charlotte, 65, marriedx2, Rus/Swed, US 1892

1920 Worcester, MA
Rickson, Matts, 67, Finland, US 1891, alien, woodworker, piano factory. Charlotta, 74, Swed, US 1888, alien..note difference in emigration dates, not unusual. No signs of Olga. Do you know who she married? where does the Frost come from? Is this her married name?

Karen Norwillo
24-08-06, 22:24
Also found Matts and Charlotta in 1900 Worcester, MA. He is 48, born Jan 1852, married 1 yr. says Sweden, 1890 in US 10 yrs, woodworker. Charlotta is 55, born Jul 1844, 1886 in US 14 yrs.

They must have taken a trip to Sweden, found them returning to Worcester 20 Aug 1908 on SS Saxonia to Boston. He is 56, she is 60.

24-08-06, 23:43
And in Sweden they have visited their friend Chas Wahlöf on 17 Kyrkogatan in Gefle. Matts has been in America from 1892-1907 and Charlotte from 1888-1907. They are going back to Worchester. The nearest relative that they have in Worchester is their daughter Anna Willard on 31 Sherber st Worchester Mass.

MVH Kerstin

28-08-06, 09:30
Matts surname was Frost (also daughter Olga) but they changed the name to Rickson prob. from Matts father Erickson (e-rickson).
Olga married to someone from Jurva, Finland and has children. I need to know more about them. Is Anna Willard the daughter from Matts second marriage with Charlotte ? Does she live today in Worcester ?


28-08-06, 14:20

Hittar du nåfot mera om Matts, Charlotta och ev barn ?? Kanske kommer hon från Sverige ??


28-08-06, 18:24

Matts och Charlotte havn´t got eny children together. In cencus 1900 they have been married to each other for 1 year, so I belive that Anna Willard is Charlotts daughter from her first marriage.

In 1910 cencus ther is an Anna Willard born about 1888 in Sweden, married to George E Willard and living in Boston Ward 9 Suffolk Massachusetts. They have been married to each other for 3 years. But it says that her mother is from Spain.
But Charlotte is from Sweden.

MVH Kerstin

Karen Norwillo
28-08-06, 18:37
Wonder if the mother could have been Spanish. On the 1900 census her name was given as Charlotta, which sounds more Spanish than Swedish. Perhaps she married a Swede first, lived in Sweden, and when she emigrated gave her nationality as Swedish. Just a thought. In any instance, Kerstin is correct about Anna being from a first marriage. Karen