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June Pelo
27-08-06, 16:56
I have a request for help in finding information about Matts Wilhelm Backström, born March 27, 1889, Munsala, Finland, and died December 7, 1937, Michigan. He went to Commonwealth, WI in 1909, landed June 3, 1909 at 1:55 PM, at Ellis Island, NY. From there he disappeared. In Google his name showed up on a church record under a Dickinson County, MI church list: Quinnesec Calvary Lutheran Church, birthdate March 28, 1889 and that was all. No idea about a wife or children was found either, unless he was a bachelor.

Would appreciate any information about this man.


Karen Norwillo
27-08-06, 17:58
From Ancestry.com, WWI Draft Registration

William Mats Beckstrom
Quinnessec, Dickinson, MI
33, Mar 28,1889
Munsala, Finland
mining, Iron Mountain, MI
nearest person: Hanna Engstrand

1920 Breitung Township, Dickinson, MI
Backstran, Wilhelm
boarder, 29, single, Finn/Swede, US 1913, section laborer, railroad

1930 Quinnessec Village, Breitung Twsp, Dickinson, MI
Beckstrom, William
42, single, Finn/Swede, US 1915, construction labor, railroad, boarder in home of Johanna Engstrand.

Looks like the same person even with the age differences and dates of emigration. Who knows who gave the info to the census taker. Hope this helps, Karen

Art Fors
27-08-06, 18:07
Hello June,

From the Institute of Migration passenger records it appears Matts Wilhelm Backström returned to Finland somewhere between 1909 and 1913. (see below)

Institute of Migration Passenger Records

Last name: Backström
First names: Matts W.
Age or age group: 20
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Commonwealth
State of destination: WI
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 361
Ship from Finland: Arcturus
Date of departure from Finland: 19.05.1909
Ship from England: Caronia
Date of departure from England: 25.05.1909
Ocean Line: Cunard Line
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 71/33
Remarks: *

Last name: Backström
First names: Matts Wilhelm
Age or age group: 25
Port of departure: Hanko
Place of destination: Commonwealth
Sate of destination: WI
Country of destination: USA
Price of ticket: FIM 376
Ship from Finland: Astraea
Date of departure from Finland: 11.10.1913
Ship from England: United States
Date of departure from England: 18.10.1913
Ocean Line: Skand. American
Port of departure in England: *
List and page: 102/88
Remarks: Uusikaarlepyy!

Institute of Migration Passport Records

Last name: Backström
First names: Matts Wilhelm
Other names: *
Date of birth: . .1889
Marital status: 1
Religion: Lut.
Occupation: Mäkitupal. pka
Home parish: Munsala
Province: VAA
Passport date: 13.05.1909
Passport number: 3058
Passport valid (year:month): 5:0
Destination: Amerikka
Passport issued by: VAA
Remarks: *


27-08-06, 18:27

This is from Ellis Island about Matts Wilhelm Backstrom.
First name Matts W
Last name Backstrom
Last place of recidence Munsala Finland
Date of arrival june 03 1909
Ship of travel Caronia
Port of departure Liverpool
Age at arrival 20 y
Marital status S
His nearest relative back in Finland is Father Gustaf Sorvist in Munsala. He is going to friend Jan Snäll Box 4 Commonwelth Wi

First name Matts V
Last name Backstrom
Last place of recidence Commonwelth Wi
Date of Arrival Oct 26 1913
Age at arrival 25
Marital status s
Ship of travel United States
Port of departure Copenhagen
He has been in Commonwelth from 1908 until 1911 and now he is going back there to his friend Gust Jansson Box 94 in Commonwelth.
Nearest relative back in Finland is Mother Maria Backstrom Munsala

In the cencus of 1920 he is still singel and is living as boarder in Breitung Dickinson Michigan

MVH Kerstin

Karen Norwillo
27-08-06, 18:50
Johanna Engstrand intrigued me as Mats was a boarder with her so many years. I went back to the 1900 census for Breitung and she is there with her family already. Husband Andrew Engstrand, 41, they are listed as Russian, US 1893, carpenter
Johanna is 40, 8 children, 7 living, US 1894. Children at home number 5 and there are 11 boarders from Finland or Sweden.
All other census list her as from Finland. Strangely, they are listed as Russia, but their boarders as Finland.
In 1910, she is mistakenly listed as Engstrom and is a widow now with 2 children at home. She operates a boarding house, roomers primarily Finn. Some of her boarders must have stayed with her a long time. Erik Backman is there in 1910, 1920 and 1930. Just a bit of extra info maybe someone will have use for. Karen

June Pelo
28-08-06, 01:00
Thank you all for the wonderful responses. Lots of innteresting information there. Karen, I remember that one of my father's uncles, from Finland, was listed as being from Russia. Finland probably was still a Grand Duchy of Russia, so people from Finland were listed as being from Russia.


02-09-06, 04:13
S 25-2 bu Matt Wilhelm Backstrom Mar 28 1889 Nesebacka unk

this would seem to indicate that he is in the second book on the film, no page numbers, he was unaccompanied and birth parish is Nesebacka. No emigration date.
so then, this adds little but to confirm that he was a member of Calvary Lutheran in Quinnesec.


June Pelo
02-09-06, 17:07
Thanks, Chuck. I'll pass the information along.


10-09-06, 14:50
You might find more infomation from Munsala parish see below. The database on internet does not reach 1889.

Phone (06) 7641 010
Fax (06) 7811 076
Address: Södra Munsalavägen 23 , 66950 MUNSALA
It seems as they do no have an e-mail at least on the their homepage but they belong to Nykarleby parish now.You could try sending an e-mail to Nykarleby parish to the secretary doris.nyman*evl.fi
It will probably cost you a small fee to get information.

Nesebacka is not a parish in Finalnd, it sounds more like a name of a farm.
Anita Wikberg