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28-08-06, 13:20

When I was traveling in Florida, I saw this woman attempting to fuel her car. She had a whole car load of screaming kids. She kept saying, please calm down I will take you home in a minute for supper. She was obviously very flustered.

Halfway through fueling, her purse slipped from her shoulder and landed on the ground and everything fell out. After putting everything back in her purse she resumed fueling her car. In the process she spilled some gas on her sleeve. She then got in the car and started it up.

As she started to pull away from the pumps, she lit a cigarette with the same hand that she spilled gas on. I waved at her, yelled at her, and beat her hood to try to get her to stop. I guess she thought I better get away from this crazy person. I started up and tried to catch up. A little ways down the road her arm caught on fire.She was waving her arm out the window to put the fire out. I was trying to catch her to get her pulled over so I could help.

Before I had a chance to stop her, a police officer pulled her over. He then started to write her a ticket. I went up to the officer, I asked him why he was writing her a ticket. I told him it was ridiculous. He told me it is very simple sir. In Florida it is against the law to wave a firearm out the window of a moving vehicle.



June Pelo
28-08-06, 17:10

Thanks, Juha. That's a new one I haven't heard.